Our next general meeting is May 12, 2018 at 10am

Please join us at the Waldo Public Library, Room A, beginning at 10am for our next General Meeting.

We’ll go over several bits of news and announcements for the neighborhood and have a discussion on tree removal.

Our hope is to have an expert from Parks and Rec to come talk about the Emerald Ash Borer and other information for how best to replace trees that had to be suddenly removed.

We’ll also have our Curbside Appeal Grant Giveaway where we award 3 members with outdoor improvement projects $100 each. Learn more about how to enter the giveaway by Clicking Here.

Meet your neighbors, enjoy some coffee and refreshments and good discussion. See you there!

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Spring Dumpster Day is Saturday, May 5th


There will only be 3 dumpsters for yard and garden debris and big trash items. No special bundling of yard and garden waste is necessary. This is on a first come, first served basis. Once the dumpsters are filled, they will be closed.

Open to WTNA members only. Non-members can join on site for $25.

No household appliances, paint, oil, or tires please!

Volunteers are always welcome to help unload items from member’s vehicles. Refreshments are usually provided. Contact John Bozarth with any questions about Dumpster Day.


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Now accepting applications for Curbside Appeal Grant Giveaway!

Curbside appeal grants are funds given away out of our general membership account that are to be used to improve the curbside appeal of your house/property. Right now, we give away 3, $100 grants this year by a random drawing of members who have entered to win.

Applicants need only to fill out a contact form (scroll down to fill it out), or attend the drawing and fill it out in person.

Applicant must put their name, address and phone number as well as the proposed curbside project that will be concluded before the date of the following year’s drawing.

YOU must be:

  • A current dues-paying member of WTNA

You may pay your $25 dues today!


  • Visible from the street in front of your house
  • Completed by 1 year from May 12th (the date of the drawing)


  • 3 winners of $100 grants are drawn from the submissions. 1 alternate will also be drawn in case there are eligibility problems with the initial winners.
  • If you win, you complete your project within 1 year. Please contact us within 4 months of the drawing with an estimated timeline for your project and again before you begin so we can take “before” photos.
  • Once your project is complete, submit receipts for reimbursement of up to $100.
  • Before and after photos may be taken and compared prior to reimbursement.
  • Any reimbursement towards tools or equipment used to complete the project may not exceed $25 of the grant.

Example:  Your project is to plant a flower bed in front of your house.  You spend $200 on flowers, soil, mulch, and landscaping fabric.  You also spend $50 on a shovel, a hose, a hoe, and a rake.  Only $25 of the $50 spent on tools is eligible for reimbursement even though the total spent on the project did not exceed $100.

Winners of grant money are also not eligible to enter the drawing again the following year and must wait until 2 years after they’ve won to enter again. This rule was created specifically to limit the amount of winnings that went to the same person each year.

Our next drawing will be held on Saturday, May 12th, at our next General Meeting and we are now accepting entries.

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Emerald Ash Borer in Waldo: Treatments, Removals and Replacements

Green dots represent Ash trees. Those in red were slated for removal from January to April 2018. Ash trees being treated are not yet identified on the map.


Since 2016 only trees in “Good”, which is excellent condition, are being treated.  On a two-year cycle we are still treating about 3,200 trees in year 1 and 2,400 in year 2.  Approximately 5,000 ash trees are no longer being treated.  Most of these trees have tags on them from treatments prior to 2016.  A door hanger will be left at the time of treatment to let residents know the tree has been treated.  Treatments are generally performed between June and August.


The 5,000 ash trees that are no longer being treated will be rated for condition this summer 2018 and scheduled for removal over the next 3 years based on their condition.  Currently, approximately 600 ash tree removals will be completed by the end of April 2018.  Door hangers are left at least two weeks in advance to let residents know an ash tree(s) will be removed.  Trees that are dead should be reported to the 311 Call Center.


Each ash tree removed will be replaced by the end of the next planting season, if there is a location that meets Forestry’s planting specifications.  A variety of trees proven for this region, and that do not have any known problems will be planted.  Residents will not have a choice of trees as it is not possible to coordinate with planting contractors, and availability of trees is in short supply.  Only trees of the proper mature size for the tree lawn between the street curb and sidewalk will be planted.  Tree lawns less than 5’ will not be planted.  As with removals door hangers will be left at least 2 weeks prior to planting.  Residents must call the 311 Call Center and submit a “DO NOT PLANT” request if they do not want a replacement tree.  After the 2-week period and a tree has been planted such requests cannot be honored.

If residents would like to purchase their own tree and plant it in the street right-of-way, they must obtain a free tree PERMIT by contacting 311 Call Center (dial 311, email 3-1-1.Call.Center@kcmo.org, or visit www.kcmo.gov/311 ).  Permits sent free of charge and give the City a record that a tree has been planted at an address.

This information was provided by the Kansas City Parks and Rec department. It was also suggested to do the following so let us know if you have any interest in leading one or more of these activities:

Establish a Tree Board / Committee for the HOA

Find a “Champion” who would like to make a difference in the community that goes beyond their lifetime by sharing information and coordinating efforts to maintain and enhance the community’s trees beginning with EAB.

Perform a Tree Inventory & Health Assessment

Work with a local Certified Arborist to determine which Ash trees should be treated and which should eventually be removed.  At the same time, identify suitable locations for PLANT NOW trees on private property.  If possible, get a complete inventory and basic health assessment of private trees in your community.

Treat trees, Remove trees and Plant trees

Solicit group rates for treatments, removals and plantings.

Prepare for a 10-year transition (from 2012)

Begin planting new trees NOW !  Trees should be removed and replaced over time systematically.

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City breaks ground on GO KC sidewalk repair

The City is pouring concrete for the first round of GO KC Sidewalk repairs, making good on the promise to add or enhance sidewalks throughout Kansas City over the next 20 years.

On Friday, Mayor Sly James, City Manager Troy Schulte and Councilmembers Quinton Lucas and Scott Wagner gathered on the city’s east side with other city leaders at 33rd and Michigan Avenue to celebrate the kickoff of sidewalk repair citywide.

In April 2017, Kansas City voters approved $800 million in bonds to fund a capital improvements program for streets, sidewalks, flood control and other infrastructure needs over the next 20 years.  About $150 million was dedicated to sidewalks, which long has been a source of frustration for homeowners who had to foot the bill for many of these repairs.

The bonds create the revenue needed to allow the City to pay for residential sidewalk repairs. This program will systematically evaluate, repair and replace sidewalks. The goal is to make it through two citywide cycles over 20 years.

These systematic sidewalk inspections began in concert with construction of a shovel-ready backlog of spot repairs reported through 311. About $6 million will be spent initially to reduce this backlog. An additional $1.5 million will be used to increase accessibility along sidewalks with ADA curb ramp upgrades.

The City Council in December approved two contracts for the first round of backlog spot repairs. Two more contracts with additional 311 backlog sidewalk repairs will go before council for approval this spring.

For updates on sidewalk repair, visit kcmo.gov/sidewalks. An even more complete look at bond-related projects can be found at kcmo.gov/gokc.

For more information, please contact Beth Breitenstein, Public Works Public Information Officer at 816-513-2612.

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KCPD Crisis Intervention Team Helping those with Mental Health Issues

Please see the link below on a great 10 minute story detailing the work being done by KCPD’s Crisis Intervention Team to assist the homeless and mentally ill in KC.

The pro-active, cooperative effort of KCPD’s Crisis Intervention Team, area hospitals and mental health professionals, assist those struggling on the streets with mental health issues. By directing these individuals to resources and case-workers, they are set on a more hopeful and healthy path that decreases likelihood of engaging in activity that will land them in jail. It truly takes a community to effect change!

Each year, an estimated 2 million people suffering from mental illness are booked into county jails. In Kansas City, Missouri, like other places around the country, officials are looking for a better way to get those people the help they need to get back on their feet. John Yang reports in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

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Public Works and KCPD partner to improve downtown parking access

As Kansas City’s downtown momentum continues to attract more residents, visitors and businesses, the Parking Services Division of the Public Works Department and the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department have partnered to support downtown businesses and residents through a parking enforcement upgrade.

As part of the budget process, the city allocated $145,000 to KCPD to increase downtown parking enforcement operations. As a result, starting Monday, April 9, 2018,  KCPD will increase downtown parking enforcement. Warning tickets will be issued for a short period of time, however, if the parking violation is a safety concern, or impedes the natural flow of traffic, a citation could be issued.

“We know that we can best support our downtown businesses with adequate levels of parking enforcement to encourage parking turnover. This fits into the City’s efforts to implement parking policies based on community input and best practices,” says Public Works Director Sherri McIntyre.

The City already has online parking garage reservations, mobile payment for metered parking, electric vehicle charging stations, and car-share services.  Other parking improvement efforts include recent parking studies in the River Market and Crossroads Arts District. The City is implementing recommendations from those studies, including development of technology that would offer real time parking availability with a new smart-phone app. The City also recently rolled out a demo of several smart parking meters downtown with the goal of using community feedback to choose one vendor for permanent installations.

You can find updates on parking policy improvements by visiting kcmo.gov/parking.

For more information on city parking policies, please contact Beth Breitenstein, Public Works Public Information Officer at 816-513-2612.

For more information on parking enforcement operations, please contact Sergeant Kari Thompson, KCPD at 816-234-5170

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ER of Brookside Grand Re-Opening on April 21st

Come see the newly expanded ER of Brookside and enjoy food, fun and prizes!

Research Medical Center – Brookside Campus has also welcomes two new Orthopedic Surgeons:

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Waldo Neighbors in Need

The following information was taken from the Go-Fund-Me Campaign for Bob and Ardythe:

Ardythe and Bob (Christiana and Chabala ) ARE HOME!!

This couple {80 and 85 years young} have been married over 55 years!! Help us show them the same love and loyalty ️ they’ve shown each other by updating their home and making it safe for them.

Their home has been getting fantastic face lift BUT there is still work to be done. Big list items and labor have been donated but materials for installation and adaptions to fit this great Waldo Home are costly.

Help us keep out-of-pocket costs for Bob and Ardythe to a minimum! We could all be in their shoes with one debilitating fall ⛑!! Luckily Ardythe is getting stronger and is able to be in her home so LET’S KEEP OUR NEIGHBORS SAFE.

The plans for the ramp are being fine-tuned {with Ardythe’s input} and WILL BE BUILT!!

Work we’d like to still get done includes, but is not limited to: Sturdy hand rails up the front steps and safety bars Inside the house; interior paint; manageable organization system!!!!

We have received a lot of great suggestions for continued long term assistance for Bob and Ardythe and will research all avenues for the best fit for them . For right now, we are still going to their house and helping (we are 5 houses away).

Please continue sharing our story/campaign and thank you for keeping us all in your thoughts. ❤ – https://www.gofundme.com/BobAndArdythe

THE STORY : In June, Ardythe, 80 yrs old, broke her leg. The pin they inserted penetrated her hip and forced her into a high intensity rehab facility.

Her mostly  dependent husband, Bob, 85 year old, Korean War Vet, was subsequently forced to leave their home, when she went to the hospital, and live apart from Ardythe in an assisted living facility in another part of town.

Following at least two surgeries, Ardythe worked on rehabilitation for months, until she was finally well enough to go to the same facility as Bob.

Now they’re ready to come home but their home is I’m need of many repairs and updates…..one of the remaining, costly and GLARING need is a ramp for the back entry into the house! They use walkers right now and there is NO way to these stairs with walkers.

As a neighbor, and someone thankful of his military service, I want to get their home the repairs and updates is needs and they deserve. If they want to be home, they should be able to be home!

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KCPD Warning regarding Package Bombs in Texas

In light of the recent package bombings in Austin, the following bulletin was sent to us by KCPD and asked to share:

As of yet, these incidents have been isolated to Austin, TX. NETF Awareness Bulletin Two Fatalities in Austin TX from IEDs Concealed …

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[VIDEO] General Meeting from March 10, 2018

  1. Special Guest- Councilman Kevin McManus and Councilman Scott Taylor
    • Update on PIAC sales tax renewal on the April Ballot
    • Update on what’s being done on Wornall Road and around Waldo.
  2. News and Updates:
    • 6th District Update by Karol O’Brien
    • CPAC Update by John Bozarth
  3. Special Guest- SNKC to give a short presentation on feral cat colonies and what we can do about them.
  4. Meeting Updates from around the Neighborhood – Angie Lile
    • Robeson School Proposal (Closing Date is March 21st) and we are working with the developer on a Community Benefits Agreement.
      • New plan includes affordable housing for 55+ in order to secure the level of financing needed to do the community center and athletic fields.
    • Water Main Replacement and Smart Sewer project happening within the areas of 77th Street to the north, W. 85th Street to the south, Summit Street to the east and Grand Avenue to the west.
    • Public Forum to Discuss Economic Incentives big success.
    • Town Hall with Missouri Representative Greg Razer
    • 85th Street Price Chopper renovation plan.
    • Bingham Update
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[VIDEO] KCMO Weekly Video Update

Here is the Weekly Report by KCMO on various projects and announcements:

The Weekly Report provides news and insight about Kansas City, Mo. programs and services provided by City departments. For more information, visit kcmo.gov/weeklyreport.

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General Meeting Coming up on March 10th, Saturday at 10am

Please join the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association for our next General Meeting, happening on Saturday, March 10th, at 10am in the Waldo Public Library. We’ll be in Meeting Room A.

We’ll welcome a representative from Spay & Neuter Kansas City to have a conversation about the feral cat colonies in Waldo.

Visit https://snkc.net/ for more info.

Councilmen Kevin McManus and Scott Taylor will be joining us to chat about the new PIAC Sales Tax renewal coming up on the April ballot.

We’ll also talk about goings on in the neighborhood including a recap of public improvement projects including Wornall Road.

Refreshments and company are always free! See you Saturday!

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Wornall Road Improvements Announcement from KCMO

The following information is located on the city’s website at kcmo.gov/wornall but they do not include information for the CURRENT construction, which is actually being done by Infrasource, the contracting company for Spire. THAT work is scheduled to end in the next 3 weeks. Please reach out to them if you notice gaping holes or dangerous situations. Contact info for all parties is located at the bottom of this post.

Over the next few years, the City of Kansas City, MO is investing more than $45 million to upgrade basic infrastructure in the Waldo neighborhood. Currently, Spire Gas Company is on Wornall installing a new gas line. Following this work, the City will implement several infrastructure improvements along and adjacent to Wornall Road.  Below are descriptions and anticipated timelines for these infrastructure improvements.

Reconstruction of Wornall Road – 85th to 89th Streets
Public Works will reconstruct Wornall Road from 85th Street to 89th Street and add curb, gutter and sidewalks along this section. Anticipated construction start is late 2018 with completion in late 2019. This project, funded through GO bonds, has an estimated cost of $3.5 million.

Reconstruction of Wornall Road – 74th to 79th Streets
Public Works will also reconstruct Wornall Road from 74th to 79th streets. Work includes reconfiguration of the parking lot at the northeast corner of 75th and Wornall Road, extension of the Trolley Track Trail from 74th to 75th Streets, and improvements aimed at making the corridor safe for pedestrians. Construction is anticipated to start in early 2019 and finish in the fall of 2020. This project is funded in part by a Surface Transportation Grant and GO bond funds. The estimated project cost is $6 million. See more information on this project here: 75th and Wornall Improvements

Smart Sewer Program
Kansas City’s Smart Sewer Program will begin a sewer separation project within the Waldo area early this year. The areas affected include W 77th Street, W 85th Street, Summit Street and Grand Avenue. The work includes construction of new storm sewer mains and sanitary sewer mains, sewer rehabilitation and replacement of existing water mains. The project is part of the consent decree signed between the City, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Justice which requires the City to make extensive improvements to its sewer systems to eliminate unauthorized overflows of untreated raw sewage and to reduce pollution levels in urban storm water. The project has an estimated cost of $26 million. Learn more about the Smart Sewer Program here: KC Smart Sewer

Water Main Projects
KC Water plans to replace water mains along Wornall Road in conjunction with the Public Works roadway reconstruction projects and the Smart Sewer Program. In addition, KC Water will upgrade outdated water mains along 75th Street from Holmes to State Line Road. The preliminary cost estimate for this project is $12.5 million.

KC Smart Sewer upgrades start spring 2018 and end at end of 2019. 85th to 89th street reconstruction starts in third quarter of 2018 and ends at the end of 2019. 74th to 79th Street reconstruction starts in first quarter of 2019 and ends in third quarter of 2020. 75th Street Water Main work starts in third quarter of 2019 and completes at end of 2020.

For more information on Public Works projects, please contact Public Works Public Information Officer Beth Breitenstein at 816-513-2612.

For more information on KC Water projects, please contact Brooke Givens at 816-513-0284.

For more information on the Smart Sewer Program, contact Project Manager Julie McNiff at 816-447-9892.

Added by us:  Infrasource, the contracting company for Spire – Alicia Summers. Alicia.Summers@infrasourceinc.com

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[VIDEO] Town Hall with Missouri State Rep Greg Razer

My phone wasn’t acting very well for me this morning so the video is broken up into two parts (below):

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[VIDEO] Public Forum to Discuss Economic Incentives in Kansas City

The public meeting we held last week to discuss economic incentives for big developers in Kansas City was well-attended with a number of folks showing up to learn how their tax dollars are affected.

We learned how each of our taxing jurisdictions (Public Schools, Public Libraries and Public Mental Health Services) were indirectly being impacted. There was a study that was referenced on a number of occassions which spurred much of the discussion.

That study can be viewed here in a presentation given by Dr. Terry Ward at Park University-

Some data suggests that the school district alone is missing out on $34 million each year which could provide much-needed maintenance funds or even help KCPS expand its extracurricular offerings including sports and STEM activities.

Jackson County Mental Health services serves 16,000 residents each year with a dwindling funding resource.

All of this would be easier for most voters to swallow if the incentives were being given to developers for responsible development in truly blighted areas.

However, we seem to be seeing huge incentives being offered with no questions asked to large developments in the luxury housing market which is showing signs of softening downtown.

Most people whose kids are impacted by diverted property tax from these large developments to KCPS can’t even afford to live in the housing that is being created by those incentives.

It was suggested that we contact our City Council and urge them to consider passing legislation that allows for our taxing jurisdictions to opt out of bad development deals which would drive incentives further east into truly distressed areas.

It was also suggested the definition of blight needs to be revised and clarified.

Stay informed about current projects that should not be getting incentives by signing up for KCTIFwatch alerts.


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Video of Public Meeting to Discuss Water Main Replacement and Sewer Rehab in Waldo

Click the image to read the full .pdf that was provided at the meeting, including the contact info for the project managers.

Should you have any questions or concerns it is recommended that you reach out to the project managers directly rather than trying to file a 3-1-1 or go through the City.

It was suggested that (a) you take pictures of your property before they begin. They have pics also but it doesn’t hurt to have your own, and; (b) look into the insurance that the city sells to protect you from any pipe ruptures as a result of being hooked back up to your line from the main water line. Some of these ruptures the city will repair, but from the property line to your home, they will not and some residents have found out that it is better to be safe than sorry.

We were able to also obtain the full renderings from the meetings which can be viewed by clicking on the image or clicking right here.

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Waldo Neighborhood Unites with Advocacy Groups in an Effort to Educate Voters about Economic Incentives

Millions of Kansas City, Missouri tax dollars are given away to developers each year in the name of economic development but does this help or hurt tax payers? This is the question that one neighborhood group hopes to answer with an upcoming public forum on Tuesday, February 27th, at 6:30pm.

“Our primary goal is to learn about the pros and cons from both sides and educate our neighbors in the process,” says Angie Lile, President of the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association, the largest neighborhood association in the Kansas City area.

Lile continued, “Personally speaking as a parent with children in the Kansas City Public Schools, I have a real concern over the millions of dollars that could be used to help revitalize our schools and create better opportunities for all students. And as a property owner who pays taxes each year, I also want to know that my taxes are truly benefiting public schools, public libraries and mental health programs, rather than covering for developers of luxury housing units in areas that have already been redeveloped, who should also be paying for those things.”

Lile was referencing the up and coming Three Light project which is being discussed currently by the Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City’s 353 Board in which the developer, Cordish, is requesting 100% tax abatement for 23 years on new luxury condominiums. They already received similar abatements for the first two projects with Two Light just finishing completion and rumor has it that a Four Light and Five Light are already being discussed.

The public forum which will be hosted by the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association along with the Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform and Our Revolution Kansas City has also gained the support of Southtown Council, the Waldo Area Business Association and the South Kansas City Alliance.

“Many areas in our city that were considered blighted and unattractive to developers have been turned around by providing tax incentives which have spurred redevelopment,” said Stacey Johnson-Cosby, president of the South Kansas City Alliance.  “These new developments often encourage other private sector investments that have revitalized entire communities.”

“The new Cerner Innovations Campus by the site of the former Bannister Mall is a perfect example,” Johnson-Cosby said.  “Its first phase was just completed, and we’re already beginning to see nearby commercial revitalization and proposals for new residential development.

We want our neighbors to be informed about the process in which tax incentives are requested and granted; and informed when the projects are presented to the community for feedback. This panel is an excellent start towards educating citizens.”

Jared Wight is also looking forward to the public forum.  He is the Chair for Our Revolution Kansas City, a civic action group whose work is to effect progressive change at all levels of government by educating and informing voters about progressive issues, increasing voter engagement and participation, and supporting candidates and ballot measures.

“Income and wealth inequality are at levels not seen since just before the Great Depression,” says Wight. “We have an economy that is rigged in favor of the wealthy few at the expense of those most in need. I would like to know why we are subsidizing luxury apartments in areas where affordable housing is hard to come by.”

Tuesday night’s public forum is open to all and will include the following panel members:

Jan Parks, spokesperson for the Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform stated; “CKCEDR is a community-based organization that has a committed interest in where and how economic revitalization happens in our city.  We are focused on educating our community regarding the use of tax incentives.  Our goals are to ensure transparency and racial equity and to lessen the abatement burden on the taxing jurisdictions”.

Interested parties can contact the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association for more information about this event or any of the Co-Sponsors whose contact info is:

Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association
Contact- Angie Lile
(816) 559-7012 or info@towerhomesassociation.org

Coalition for Kansas City Economic Development Reform
Contact- Jan Parks

Our Revolution KC
Contact- Jared Wight

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[VIDEO] Really long but informative video from KCMO

This week we found a KCMO update that had a lot of little updates in one including an update on Go Bond projects, two announcements regarding the budget finance public feedback meetings, an announcement about the renewal of the PIAC sales tax in April and other events happening around the city. Watch below for the complete details and hopefully the KC in 60 segment will be back soon.

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Town Hall with Missouri State Representative Greg Razer

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