What is the Neighborhood Garage Sale?

What is the Neighborhood Garage Sale?

This annual sale is more than just the residents of Waldo Tower Homes having garage sales and yard sales on the same weekend. It actually includes SEVERAL neighborhood organizations selling on the same weekend!

Dubbed the “Why Go Anywhere Else” Sale, this event has become quite a big deal in our neck of the woods!

Basically, to participate (and take advantage of the free advertising), all you need to do is have your yard/garage sale on the same weekend as the sale! No notice is necessary, just put our your things and enjoy the rush of shoppers!

If you would like to give notice, you can email Theresa VanWinkle and let her know that you are having a sale and your address. She will add your sale to our map which will then be made available at all of the sales in the neighborhood. Take advantage of the free advertising!

Check the calendar for current times and dates for this event!

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