16 December 2013 Board Meeting Minutes


THA December Board Meeting Agenda Tuesday, December 16, 2013


Location: 707 East Gregory


Time: 7:00 pm


Chris and AndyLewellen – owners of The Well and Lew’s


-always come to neighborhood association before making changes


-live in neighborhood


-Opened Lew’s 10 years ago


-5 years later thinking about opening a second Lew’s location, decided on another Waldo business instead: The Well


-Over 100 employees, most live in Waldo


-Currently liquor license only allows them to stay open until 1:30 AM


-They have a temporary 3:00 license – can stay open 6 times a year. They want a permanent 3:00 license.


-A liquor license stays with the building when it is sold.


-Josh: What about noise, so late at night? They close doors and windows at 10:00 PM.


-They need a letter of endorsement from us to take to the city council. It will probably take a year to get the license change.



2013 goals and events




  • Involve more people

  • Build enthusiasm

  • Increase neighborhood’s profile

  • Walk about in districts to talk with residents about involvement

  • Revenue growth through membership in order to have more visible activities

  • New neighbor bags Did a good job with this

  • Provide additional benefits to our association

  • Online survey of membership to learn more about needs/ideas

  • Raffle gift cards to local businesses at general meetings

  • Themed general meetings (environmental, volunteer opportunities, health and wellness)

  • Membership much the same as last year

  • Crime pretty low this year

  • Police would like to work with block captains to encourage neighbors to work together, look out for each other




  • More social events

  • Educational activities

  • One big event (May Day in Tower Park)

  • Social networking events

  • Increased participation from general membership (committee involvement and


more interactive meetings, circular seating)


  • Collaboration with surrounding neighborhood groups

  • Pilots of different kinds of general meetings (e.g. with other organizations)

  • Yoga at the Tower

  • Trail walk (Dog walk: “Tails on Trails”)


NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFICATION – Didn’t do much this year – be nice to get grant money to do things like restore library walls


  • Community development

  • Community gardens

  • Household hazardous waste collection event (ABOP) to supplement Dumpster




IMPROVED COMMUNICATION – No one is complaining. Maybe yard signs before general meetings? Maybe move THA membership database to google docs


  • Build solidarity

  • Utilize all channels of communication (email, phone, Yahoo group)




  • Provide resources to residents about safety

  • Ensure Tower Park is safe




  • More knowledge amongst Board of “behind the scenes” operations so we can all help each other (i.e. website, Facebook, membership list)



Upcoming 2014 events:


May 31st picnic


2nd saturdays at the library: Jan, Mar, not May, not July, again in Sept and Nov


January general meeting focused on education


Dumpster days – last sat in April, Oct



THA garden tour? Connected with curb appeal grant? Mid to late June, with rain date.


Trail event – trolly trail? In August?


Jam sessions? Aug 30? Late afternoon?


Jan 15th social event? Once / quarter on Waldo Wednesdays


Blanket winner – Josh


Detailing business at 79th and Wornell has events, wants liquor license



Adjourned after 9:00 PM.




Board members in attendance


Josh Hemberger x


Kurtis Marinez x


Jeff Highfill


Cassi Neff x


Elizabeth Hollins x


Charlotte McCloskey


Garth Stocking x


Karol O’Brien x


Marty Hatten


Chad Potter


Catherine Dobson x


Saphia Gray x


Mary Cary x


Angie Lile x


Teresa Bolton


Michelle Bailey


John Bozarth x


Patrick Allen


Damien McNearney x


Colleen of Waldo Homes x


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