April 28, 2009

Tower Homes Association

Meeting Minutes


The regular meeting of the Tower Homes Association was called to order at 7:42 PM on 04/27/2009 at Garth Stocking’s home by Garth Stocking..


Garth Stocking, Betsy Bunce, John Bozarth, Larry Roth, Jeff Highfill, Chad Potter, Mary Lewis, ,Kurtis Marinez, Angie Lile, Marty Hatten and Safia Gray.

Open business:

Angie Lile said that the newsletter and post cards are in the mail advising that curb appeal grant applications need to be received. We mailed 1500 cards and 50 new members will cover the cost. We have received 15 applications.

Library corner: Nothing should be done until after the last frost, May 15th. The corner in question is the NW corner. Chad Potter will take a look at the corner.

General meeting: It is 05/03/2009 and we should have a good turn out. John Murphy, potential secretary of the Waldo Tower Historical Society cannot attend. We will address curb appeal applications. We will also address the website, Dumpster Day and CPAC.

Chad Potter talked about the rain garden at the park. The upper garden is in good shape. The lower area will need some work. Chad did some trimming and feels that we should consider buying more mulch. A work day will be scheduled.

John Bozarth said that Dumpster Day is May 10, 2009 and we need volunteers.

Larry Roth said that the Association yard sale will be 05/15/2009 and 05/16/2009. Advertising costs will be covered by the 4 neighborhoods.

The movie will be Ghostbusters. Angie is looking for advertisers and is checking to see if we can put the ads on the screen. We will roll out the Tower campaign at that time.

Angie Lile suggested that we put up flags for Tower Homes Association as they do for the Brookside Art Fair. Angie Lile motioned that we not use Sir Tower on the flags. We should use the Association logo instead. Larry Roth seconded the motion and the motion passes. Safia Gray will look into the flags.

Angie Lile mentioned that we are having a problem with 4 wheelers in the park. THA is now considering zero tolerance re noise and abuse of the park. Chad Potter will contact Parks & Recreation to see what options are available. We need to pursue Kathie Kerr’s booklet outlining the rules to renters of the shelter. Angie Lile will check on the price of t-shirts/flags with the THA shield.

Mission statement for the Waldo Tower Historical Society : We went over the mission statement and added “continuous” as part of the tower description. We also added lighting to the goals. Russ Welsh will be our business partner and Angie Lile is the WABA representative. Our contact at the water department is John Bremser.

John Bozarth brought up the problems in the park on the July 4th holiday. We will have 2 officers on duty Friday and Saturday. The cost is $800.00. John Bozarth motioned that we contact the police and Larry Roth seconded. The motion passed.

Safia Gray has offered to take over District 7. Garth Stocking motioned that Safia be the 7th District representative and Larry Roth seconed. The motion passes.

Angie Lile said that we have 398 members as of 04/18/2009. 75 people paid by Paypal and the balance came in by check.

Jeff Highill, Treasurer, reported that we have $5,700.00 in the checking account, not including April membership dues. We have $15,000.00 in the savings account.

Garth Stocking advised that we need to pay for Kathie Kerr to attend the Southtown beautification conference. John Bozarth motioned that we send Angie Lile, Garth Stocking and Kurtis Marinez to the banquet at a cost of $40.00 each. Mary Lewis seconded the motion and it passes.

Liability insurance: Garth Stocking is getting a quote.

John Bozarth reported on CPAC. The police caught the people who were doing many robberies in the area.

Garth Stocking motioned that the meeting be adjourned and Angie Lile seconded.

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