12 February 2014 Board Meeting


THA February Board Meeting


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Location: 7567 Grand


Time: 7:00 pm



Angie: Neighborhood Improvement District


How big would we want the boundaries to be? A lot of work up front to get it set up, but big benefits. 60% of people in the area should agree. It would add a line item to everyone in the district’s property tax that would support projects in the district. It could be used for sidewalk repair / construction, lights, etc. Can set it as dollar amount or percentage of home value. Need a lawyer to set it all up. It would be nice to have Greenway Fields (a neighborhood that has set up a NID) and the city council members (Councilmembers Taylor and Sharp for Districts 5 and 6), for this area come to a board meeting to talk to us about their experiences. Could cost $15,000 for legal fees to set it up. We are investigating the details of what a Neighborhood Improvement District would be for THA and there are no plans yet to move forward with implementation.



Some objection to new brewery at 79th and Wornall across from the ReStore. One person is upset that she wasn’t consulted ahead of time, but she had been at meetings where it was discussed.


Elizabeth: “I know we like beer, but we’re still reasonable people.”



Possible merger with Waldo Homes. Fewer people in Waldo Homes object than formerly – they voted to merge. South Oak Park must not be forgotten, like honeysuckle cleanup once or twice a year. We would need to change our registration with city and state. They have no debt, and not much capitol. It will cost about $50 per pole to remove their banners (about 20 of them). Membership is 65 (about half last year’s number). About 900 homes. Tower Homes is is about 2200 homes. They have 5 districts; most of the active folks are in two of them. We need to ask Jeff about merging finance. Call ourselves Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association, or Waldo Tower Neighbors.



Tower Homes has already sent renewal notices out; Waldo Homes will do the same.



Elizabeth moved that Waldo Homes Association and Tower Homes Association work on an approximately 9 month merger transition plan including the rebranding as Waldo Tower Neighbors.


Safia seconded.


All in favor.



Josh will get with Jeff about renewal with city.


Simon will start on letter to Waldo Homes membership.



Angie: Some concerns with getting database online so there is just one, and so Mary is not updating a separate document from the master list. The one Mary has does not have phone numbers.



Adjourned at 9:00 PM.




Board members in attendance


Josh Hemberger x


Kurtis Marinez x


Jeff Highfill


Cassi Neff x


Elizabeth Hollins x


Charlotte McCloskey


Garth Stocking


Karol O’Brien x


Marty Hatten


Chad Potter


Catherine Dobson x


Saphia Gray x


Mary Cary


Angie Lile x


Teresa Bolton


Michelle Bailey


John Bozarth x


Patrick Allen


Damien McNearney


Simon of Waldo Homes x


Colleen of Waldo Homes x


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