8 March 2014 General Meeting

Tower Homes Association General Meeting

Saturday, 8 March 2014

10:00 AM  Waldo Library

Josh Hemberger, presiding

Ashley Hand: Friends of Hale Cook School. Pre-K through 2nd grade opening fall 2014. Tours coming up (facility still under constructin), enrollment is under way.

Brenda Thomas, Board Member of the Marlborough Community Coalition. Our organizations share Troost Ave. as the border. Learn about MCC’s exciting Catalyst Project!

6,000 houses, 80% rentals. Some undeveloped land. 5 neighborhoods. Mix of cultures: 75% african american, 10% caucasian, also hispanic, asian, etc. South side of KC has suffered from neglect: sidewalks, water tower. Not everything east of Troost is bad – lots of good thinkers and involved people. Need to make sure that city hall hears, understands, and respects us. Housing crisis contributed to neighborhood deterioration. Catalyst Project: MARC award + city money + garage sales, bake sales, lawn mowing they do to earn money. Contracted with BNIM to plan projects, do documention, analysis, reporting, help find grant-writers (students at Avila helped). Committees for: visioning group, increase neighborhood participation (teenagers helped with walkabout), housing… surveyed neighborhood, etc. Imaging and branding: want to overcome “east of Troost” negative perception. Now “We are Marlborough”. Four main projects are Marlborough Village commercial area; redevelopment of Marlborough School (501(c)3s, alternative medicine, greenhouse, art…) (school has been closed since 2007); Target Green; Coalition capacity building. Had to do fund-raising: another thing BNIM helped them organize. Added 60 or 65 additional active neighbors, including local artists.

Ravin Graham, Southtown Council, will speak about the new Troost Community Improvement District and answer any questions you might have about Waldo businesses and the Wornall corridor. Ravin had to step out, so Angie Lile spoke about Waldo CID: paid for by extra sales tax and pays for extra security, trash pickup etc. New Troost CID will be doing the same in their area. She left some handouts for us.

Josh Hemberger, Tower Homes Association President, will announce information regarding the recent vote to merge the Waldo Homes Association with the Tower Homes Association. 

THA boundary was down to about 79th; combined boundary will be to 85th. 900 more homes will now be included. Call ourselves Waldo Tower Neighbors. THA board voted to begin 9-month plan to look into this. Homes dues paid for either organization count for new merged group. Pros: better clarify our geographical zone; Waldo Homes was losing structure; be able to provide our services (Dumpster Days etc) to Waldo Homes and benefit from their active members. Con: don’t want to lose Waldo’s focus on park maintenance etc. How will leadership and financials merge? THA board continues and we hope Waldo Homes members will join in (most recent Waldo Homes election drew no candidates). We will be adding 4 districts. Waldo Homes has banners that they will have taken down from light poles.

Country Club Right-of-Way has been selected for study as possible extension of trolly system. Currently no plans to demolish any homes.

About 15 people in attendance

Adjourned about 11:15 AM.

Board members            in attendance
Josh Hemberger x

Kurtis Marinez x

Jeff Highfill

Cassi Neff x

Elizabeth Hollins x

Charlotte McCloskey

Garth Stocking

Karol O’Brien x

Marty Hatten x

Chad Potter

Catherine Dobson

Saphia Gray

Mary Cary

Angie Lile x

Teresa Bolton

Michelle Bailey

John Bozarth

Patrick Allen

Damien McNearney

Simon of Waldo Homes

Martha Dromey of Waldo Homes x


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