23 April 2014 Board Meeting

Tower Homes Association Board Meeting

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

 7:00 PM

7521 Main

Josh Hemberger presiding


Catherine: Social at gym – a few families came, but she thinks she’ll stick to restaurants from now on.


Josh: Upcoming:

April 26th – Dumpster Day this weekend. Need folks to work 8 – 10 or 10 – 12. Limit people to 2 loads, unless room left in dumpsters close to the end. Please get contact info for new members.

May 3rd – walking tour on schedule, but has anything been done? It is intended to be an informal walk on the trolly trail. Elizabeth will pick starting place and time and get email out.

May 31st – Picnic in the park. 2 – 5. Garth will do food. Burgers and hot dogs. Need dedicated person for lemonade. Angie usually orgaizes kids’ stuff, maybe ask WABA for door prizes. Answer 3 questions about Tower Homes to qualify? Safia will donate a blanket. THA membership for next year? Ask Marty about library books? Subject to approval by Jeff, Josh made a motion to budget $400 for food, motion carried.

June 11th – Next board meeting at John’s.

June 28th 2 – 5 THA garden tour and curb appeal grants. Kansas City Academy, St Elizabeth, Stoney Crest might be approached to be part of tour. Elizabeth, John will work on this.

August 30th maybe later in the day – Jam for neighborhood musicians. Damien will look into this. Park shelter has been reserved for this, or maybe Beer Garden?


Postcard to remind membership of upcoming events.


Garth moved, Damien seconded no general meeting in May. Catherine checking to see if already announced – it was. Elizabeth will check to see if library has been reserved – it has. Probably need to have meeting. Something related to gardening?


Kathy – is newsletter being read? Maybe a blog on the website would be better. Garth agrees. Josh will check with Angie about having blog on website. Mary will check to see how many receive hard copy newsletter. Karol will poll people over time to ask their preferences.


 Tower Homes Association / Waldo Homes Merger progress – none to report. Josh will follow up.


Chad (having baby in a couple of weeks): Rain gardens in tower park – eastern one has been having trouble with droughts. Bill of Parks and Rec will have work done on them in the next few weeks: clean, mulch, add plants? Maybe we could chip in too.


Adjourned about 9:00 PM.

Board members in attendance

Josh Hemberger x

Kurtis Marinez

Jeff Highfill

Cassi Neff x

Elizabeth Hollins x

Charlotte McCloskey

Garth Stocking x

Karol O’Brien x

Marty Hatten

Chad Potter x

Catherine Dobson x

Saphia Gray x

Mary Cary x

Angie Lile

Teresa Bolton

Michelle Bailey

John Bozarth x

Patrick Allen

Damien McNearney x

Kathy Kirk x

Simon of Waldo Homes

Martha Dromey of Waldo Homes

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