Who was Bill Dooley?

Thanks to Dr. John Horner at the Kansas City Public Library, the mystery of Mr. William “Bill” Patrick Dooley is a little closer to being resolved. Many letters were written to Bill in 1935 and found in the attic of a Waldo home.  (See following post.) Dr. Horner writes, ” I have attached a PDF of page 46 of the 1933 edition of Southwest High School’s yearbook, the Sachem, which shows Bill posed with a group of several other students. He is in the front row, third from the left. You can see that he wore a uniform for the picture. He was in the ROTC program. In the 1934 yearbook I only found him mentioned once, as a member of the ROTC, with no picture of him in the senior section. It is very possible that he left school before graduating, based on what you wrote in your blog.”

Bill Dooley junion class0001

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