November 3, 2009

Tower Homes Association

Board of Directors Meeting


Minutes taken by Secretary Angie Lile

Attendance: Garth Stocking, Kathie Kerr, Angie Lile, Matt Zelenc (new director), Josh Hemberger, Mary Boyd, Elizabeth Barker, Kurtis Marinez, Nick Bidler, Marty Hatten, and Jeff Highfill. Guests: Lana Reeves and Mr. Amirali Vidhani” (Ali) to speak to us about getting a license, and Rebecca and Paul Leuschen to present a proposal written by Rebecca.

Item 1: Request for Liquor License for station on corner of 75th and Holmes.

Previous owner has several complaints and new owner wants to get a new license so that he can compete with the Fast Stop across the corner. He would like a letter from THA to help him get the license.

Kurtis wants to know (a) What will the neighborhood gain by getting a liquor license in this station? Answer: You will have the one stop shop that everyone will get what they need and our employees keep everything clean and tidy. He wants to sell beer and needs to in order to compete with the Fast Stop. (b) Where do you live and do you have children? Answer: Overland Park, two daughters. ( c ) How would you feel about someone selling drug and porn paraphernalia, brass knuckles, knives, etc, right across the street from where you live? Answer: We are going to move these things from our store. You are absolutely right.

Kurtis says that these items are offered right out front in the store where it can be seen by everyone and its drawing in the element that we as neighbors do not want to see. The owner says that he will have everything removed from his store tomorrow. There is now mention that we have a problem with drinking in the park and the excessive trash. Kathie Kerr suggests that he change his strategy to sell things that the neighborhood would need and want (like fruits and veggies or something), instead of the unsavory items. Angie mentions that there is no guarantee that he will keep those items off the shelf in the future. Ali says that he would give his word. Kathie says that legally that is not going to hold up. Lana says that the City regulates the items that are sold. Lana’s company is Licensing Consulting and she is an agent to help owners to get a license.

The alcohol licensing process will have to start over again. It will take about 3 months to re-apply and get it going. They will re-start the process, give us something in writing about not re-stocking those items, and we will work something out so that they can get their license.

Item 2. Rebecca Leuschen’s proposal for the Park. (See attached for the actual proposal).

Garth said he would entertain a motion to approve, Elizabeth moved, Kurtis seconded. Motion passed to approve $250 for 6 months of trash cleanup crew in the park. We will now be adding a section to our website for the “Kids 4 A Clean Neighborhood” group.

Item 3. Treasurer’s report.

Discussion about the cost for the the Police Patrolon the 4th of July, discussion about membership drive costs, led to discussions about getting members. Matt Zelenc wants to know how we go about getting members and said that he had no idea that we were here. He has lived in the neighborhood for about 1 year and a half and it took some time to find out about us. This conversation led to starting a block watch because he has had problems with crime on his street. Garth has asked him to speak at our next General meeting about starting a block watch.

Item 4. Introductions of the new board members:

Josh Hemberger on Grand, Elizabeth Barker on Baltimore, Nick Bidler on Walnut, Matt Zelence on Grand. Garth is trying to fit the new directors into the districts that are open.

Item 5. Goal setting.

Garth glazes over this as we are running low on time, but the idea is to get all of our meeting and event dates set for 2010 in ahead of time. So we will need to make sure that we have these dates set at our next meeting.

Item 6. General meeting.

Garth is talking about how to notify others that we are having the meeting. Marty mentions that we shouldn’t rely on electronic means to notify people. It is mentioned that the dates are on the website, on the newsletter, etc. Discussion falls to what happened to our meeting signs.

Item 7. Planning the THA dinner.

Dinner set for January 8th, 7pm to say goodbye to the old directors and welcome the new. This will be at The Well.

Item 8. T-Shirts.

Josh is willing to re-work Angie’s designs and Elizabeth brings up an important point and that is that we really need to solidify our goal for what the message needs to be and what the goal is for having the shirts. It doesn’t need an actual message, but what do we want to depict.

Marty motions to table until next time until our new volunteers have a chance to work something up.

Item 8. Dumpster Day and Waldo Fall Festival Recap

Dumpsters were filled up completely. Marty said that they didn’t have nearly as many people show up. There was one guy who came in with a panel truck who came several times and filled up the dumpsters. Marty suggested that we may need to consider limiting people to one or two loads. Kathie said that she knew who that was (the gentleman cleaning up a bad property).

Waldo Fall Festival- success. Marty will bring pictures on Saturday. Next year, the pub crawl will be separate from the festival with volunteers. Beautiful day.

Marty also mentions that we need to get welcome bags and we wondered if Mary was still interested in doing that.

Elizabeth says she will help with adding programs to meetings and giving us some insight into neighborhood activity building.

Garth calls close to the meeting shortly after 9pm.

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