7 September 2014 Board Meeting

Tower Homes Association Board Meeting
Saturday 7 September 2014
4:00 PM

7604 Mary Belle Lane

Letter needed from THA okaying zoning change to senior care for 7850 Holmes. We have already discussed this and agree, now just need to draft and send a letter.

General meeting next Saturday. Need officers / board members for elections. Things generally going well in neighborhood, so no specific issues to bring folks in. (Tower looking good – have dedication in spring when done?) Easier to be an officer when there are no big problems, but nothing to drive people to want to lead.

We need a president to be the point person to see that meetings are organized, receive contacts for neighborhood. Kurtis could be president if he gets lots of backup. He is still very involved with the restoration of the Tower. Damien offered to take phone calls. Elizabeth volunteered to be secretary and help with communications. Karol will be vice president. Angie will call Jeff to see if he will continue as treasurer.

We should contact other board members to see if they still want to be on the board.

Table at Waldo Fall Festival
all day: Kurtis
10 – 12: Cassi
12 – 2: Karol
3 – 5: Garth / Safia

September General Meeting:
Waldo Fall Festival Announcement
Waldo Tower Update
General suggestions on name for new association combined with Waldo Homes: Waldo Tower Neighbors or what other possibilities?
Circulate card to thank painters for their hard work on the Tower in the summer heat.

Upcoming happy hour: 15 October 2014

Communications: Do we want to do a phone call for elections and fall festival? Only three people on current list, so maybe not. Will do email and social media.

October board meeting:
Calendar for year.
Organize mailing for membership renewals.
May not need to have districts within neighborhood association, but need to have enough board members to make things happen.

How to encourage new members? Maybe a news story about what good neighborhood associations do in their areas? Get quotes from other neighborhood associations too. Get people to look for us. Put signs around neighborhood for general meetings?

Rain garden needs maintenance. We need a fall work day – same day as dumpster day? Pull some weeds, plant some new things? Will Chad still work on this? Garth will check with him on this and curb appeal grants.

Garth moved we budget $300 towards plants for rain garden. Elizabeth seconded. Motion carried. Other expenses coming up: October happy hour, dumpster day. Maybe collect money at fall festival for plants?

Kurtis moved THA reimburse the Tower Historical Society $200 (half the cost) for the table at the Southtown Council Beautification Awards. Garth seconded. Motion carried.

Maybe set up grants to reimburse people ($50) for setting up a block party.

Adjourned about 5:25 PM.

Board members in attendance
Josh Hemberger President
Kurtis Marinez x Vice-president / Tower restoration
Jeff Highfill Treasurer
Cassi Neff x Secretary
Elizabeth Hollins x
Charlotte McCloskey
Garth Stocking x
Karol O’Brien x
Marty Hatten
Chad Potter
Catherine Dobson Newsletter
Saphia Gray
Mary Cary Administrator
Angie Lile x
Michelle Bailey
John Bozarth x Dumpster day
Patrick Allen
Damien McNearney x

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