Tower Homes Association General Meeting Minutes

Big thanks to Cassi Neff for her service the past year as Secretary of Tower Homes Association. Cassi has done a great job of keeping our minutes among other really great works.

This last meeting was on Saturday 13 September 2014, at 10:00 AM in the Waldo Library

Angie Lile convening.


  • Waldo Fall Festival – Great success last year. Come join us at the THA table. WABA will be interviewing residents and recording their Waldo stories. There will be many activities.
  • Fall Dumpster Day – Saturday 25 Oct 2014 8:00 AM to noon
  • Rain Garden Work Cleanup – same day – in Tower Park on 75th Street side. Come help.
  • Happy Hour coming up Wednesday 15 October 2014 at KC Bier Co from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

How you can volunteer – Sign up sheet in the back of the room.

Waldo Tower –

Kurtis Marinez introduced Frank Perez – CEO of Falcon Contracting: A pleasure to work on the project. Too often monuments are torn down. Tower was built in 1919 in 14 days (before Union Station). 134 feet tall, capacity over one million gallons. In use until 1957. Another company had repaired the concrete. Falcon cleaned, primed and painted. 10 10-­hour days, heat sometimes over 100 degrees F. Messy antennas removed, new roof. 100 gallons of primer, 200 gallons of paint. Same paint used on space shuttles. Compared significance to Mount Rushmore. The work was started by another contractor who did a little at the top but not a good job. Frank was not eager to clean up someone else’s mess, but Kurtis convinced him that it needed to be done and done right.

THA Elections

President – Kurits Marinez
Vice-president – Karol O’Brien
Secretary – Elizabeth Hollins
Treasurer – Jeff Highfill
Carol Gibson moved, Larry Roth seconded slate be accepted. Motion carried.
Others wanting to be board members? No one came forward. Carol Gibson moved, Larry Roth seconded retaining other board members. Motion carried.

Help us pick a new name for combined Tower Homes Association and Waldo Homes Association.

Some possibilities:

  • Waldo Tower Neighbors
  • Waldo Tower Neighbors Association
  • Waldo Tower Homes
  • Waldo Tower Homes Association

We will need to revise bylaws to either add districts for former Waldo Homes Association residents, or do away with districts and go with committees instead.

We are looking into yard signs to increase awareness of meetings.

Volunteer needed to put together a printed newsletter, while Kathie continues on the digital version.

Picnic was fun – combined with birthday celebration that was already set up in shelter we had reserved. Very neighborly.

Adjourned about 11:00 AM.

Board members in attendance
Kurtis Marinez – Vice-president / Tower restoration
Cassi Neff – Secretary
Garth Stocking
Karol O’Brien
Marty Hatten
Angie Lile

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