Name Change! Tower Restoration! Minutes from the November 2014 Meeting

Waldo Tower Homes Association General Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2014, 10:00 a.m. Waldo Library, 204 E. 75th Street.

Attendance: 15

Board members present: Kurtis Marinez, Elizabeth Hollins, Karol O’Brien, Jeff Highfill, Garth Stocking, Mary Cary

Waldo Tower Restoration

The meeting was called to order by President Kurtis Marinez, who introduced speaker Bob Lawler, project manager with the City of Kansas City, MO. Mr. Lawler is managing the restoration of the Waldo Tower in Tower Park. After years of fundraising and PIAC funds from the City, the Phase I of the tower restoration was completed in 2014. Phase I included concrete repair, painting, and roof replacement, and historic lighting along the sidewalk.

Phase II is currently out for bid. Bids are expected by spring. Work will include cutting a door in the base of the tower, adding an interior ladder for maintenance that adheres to OSHA requirements, redoing the sidewalk, adding a wrought iron fence, and adding lighting at the top and base of the tower. The lighting was discussed extensively, including options for “pure white” lighting, as well as season color-changing LEDs. Kurtis said that fundraising is underway for the color-changing lighting package, which is an add-on to the other work up for bid.

Mr. Lawler answered numerous questions from the audience.

Merger of Tower Homes Association and Waldo Homes Association

Last spring, the Tower Homes Association (THA) board approved a merger with the Waldo Homes Association (WHA). After declining membership and no volunteers for officer positions, the Waldo Homes Association approached THA to merge the entities so that WHA residents would be represented by a homes association. Approximately 25 active members were added to the membership roles. The geography of Tower Homes now extends south, beyond the original 79th St. boundary to a new 85th Street boundary. Generally, WHA’s borders extended from Wornall to Oak, but includes one neighborhood east of Oak, extending to Holmes Rd.

Members in attendance were asked to vote a new name for the merged entity of THA and WHA. The names in consideration were:

  • Waldo Tower Neighbors
  • Waldo Tower Neighbors Association
  • Waldo Tower Homes
  • Waldo Tower Homes Association

There was discussion regarding perceptions related to “homes association,” as no one wanted to give the impression that only homeowners were involved. Renters are welcome. The term “community” was added to the discussion, as the neighboring association, Marlborough Community Coalition was noted as a positive term describing the work of THA/WHA. Garth Stocking moved to adopt the name “Waldo Tower Homes Association” to keep it simple and recognizable for all residents. Carol Gibson seconded. The motion passed unanimously.  Mike Lile will explore use of the web domain names “” and “” so that these could redirect members to our current web address,

Upcoming Events

December 11, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Happy Hour, 75th Street Brewery. RSVP to

Holiday Decoration Contest: Residents are invited to nominate winners of a holiday decoration context by December 8. Nominations can be sent to The winner will be chosen at the December 9 WTHA board meeting. If the winner is not a member of WTHA, they will win a free membership for 2015 ($25 value) and a $25 gift card to the Well. If the winner is a member, they will win $50 in gift certificates for The Well.

Membership Drive for 2015

Mary Cary noted that membership invoices will be sent the week after Christmas. The documents are currently being designed and will include the new naming and website as discussed previously. The membership discount card still has two open slots for businesses, and suggestions were given.

There was a discussion of the 2015 meeting and event calendar. Attendees discussed the pros and cons of Saturday vs. week night events, and all agreed that it was good to continue a mix of the two.


Kurtis noted that Kathie Kerr, our long-time newsletter editor, would no longer be producing a hard-copy newsletter, but may be a contributor to an online blog. Kurtis asked if there were any volunteers for a new newsletter editor. Kathie would be willing to train the person. No meeting attendees volunteered. Kurtis asked for the opinion of members about doing a blog on the website vs. a hard copy newsletter.

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