Minutes from the December 9, 2014 WTHA Board Meeting

Waldo Tower Homes Board Meeting

December 9, 2014, 6:00 p.m. home of Safia Gray, 707 E. Gregory

Membership Update: Mary Cary asked Elizabeth Hollins to get Neighborhood Services newsletter contact info for residents of new geography to notify them of the new merged entity. Mary Cary asked Angie Lile to modify the Paypal form to collect more contact info.

Angie Lile suggested district reps host block parties to get better cohesion

Rebranding for Merged Entity: Elizabeth Hollins suggested a DBA as Waldo Tower Homes to register with the Secretary of State to avoid renaming the entity for the checking account, IRS, etc. Kurtis and Elizabeth will reach out to Jeff (Treasurer) to consult.

Elizabeth Hollins to send South Kansas City Neighborhood Alliance contact info to board to see if we can send a delegate to the meetings

Mike Lile will redirect the new web address to the old web address. Elizabeth updated the site for the new name. Angie shared the updated logo including the new web address, waldotowerhomes.org

Holiday Light Contest: The Board reviewed seven nominations for holiday lights. 632 E. 71st Terr. with color-changing house lights and walkway lighting was selected as the winner.

Candidates Forum: This event was suggested for 2015. The city council race for 6th District may be more contentious than the mayor race. The election is April 7. We tentatively slated a candidates forum it for March. Candidates must file by January 20. Elizabeth to reach out to Marty Hatten re: South Broadland as a venue and any recommendations. We need to choose a date and secure a venue, possible partnering with surrounding neighborhoods.

June movie night: Angie tentatively agreed to take the lead on a June movie night and will call Hyde Park contacts to learn more about the logistics. June 20 was slated as the potential date. Angie will also research whether Parks would allow for food trucks. Kurtis will send an email to the board to see if anyone would be willing to assist Angie. Kurtis will contact Parks about reserving the space, whether food trucks are acceptable, and ask for any advice about companies to work with for the movie logistics.

Rezoning proposal for Larry’s Wholesale Tires at 8101 Wornall, which is near the trail. Angie noted that once an address is zoned commercial, it is unlikely it will revert back to residential. There were concerns that junk cars could be parked on the lot. The fence goes along 79th Street. WABA is against the proposal and is generally against encroachments into residential areas. Southtown Council notified WTHA about the proposal. The Country Club Right of Way Committee, which advises management of preservation of the Trolley Trail, could be an ally on this issue.

John updated the board about the CPAC committee meeting tonight and his personal experience with a burglary at his home. There are a couple of gangs of robbers breaking into houses during the day, and John reminded us to be wary of those scoping out potential homes. Make sure and call police for suspicious activity. Two groups have been arrested.

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