December 17, 2009

Tower Homes Association

Board of Directors

Year End Meeting


Attendance:  Garth Stocking, Stephanie and Josh Hemberger, Nick Beydler, Peter Noel, Marty Hatton, Kathie Kerr, John Bozarth, Kurtis Marinez, Elizabeth Barker, Chad Potter, and Angie Lile

Meeting called to order at 7:20pm

1.Elizabeth Barker presents a very colorful District map and she discusses who is assigned to which district. There are 4 directors living in District 10. She passes the map around for us to have a look so that we can agree on who goes where. If we all agree, then Elizabeth will let Angie know so that she can update the website with contact info and the fancy new map. Thank you Elizabeth! Marty is requesting a list of who is in her district, to go to each director. (ANGIE)

2.Josh has presented a design for the new t-shirts.. which prompted many discussions about how in the world we can get Waldo into our logo. After a lively debate, we voted to add the word “WALDO” to the base of the logo that Josh created. The logo is awesome, by the way. Thank you Josh! We’ll put a new version up on the site as soon as we can.

3.Calendar events:

  • Board Appreciation  Dinner, on THA, we voted for January 15th, Angie will reserve the room at The Well.
  • General Meetings:  March 13th (Rain Barrels and Ripple Glass), May 1st, July 10th, September 11th, and November 13th. Angie will reserve the rooms although May 1st will possibly be out at the Park as a picnic. John suggests a meeting idea for some potential special meetings that we may want to have, about self-sustaining communities.
  • Dumpster Days: May and October
  • Movie Night in the Park: June 12th
  • Spring Park picnic May 1st
  • Fall Park picnic/cleanup – October 2nd
  • Garage Sale- Tabled pending committee chair volunteer.
  • Walking Week/Block Watch- tabled pending discussion with Matt Zelence, Block Watch Committee chair.
  • Newsletter- Tabled pending discussion with Patrick our new editor.
  • Waldo Fall Festival on September 25th.
  • Rain garden clean up on May 1st.
  • Garden work/Clean up day at the Library on May 15th.
  • Josh wants to propose a work day for Tulips on Troost planting on November 13th, after the meeting and we’ll have Durwin Rice come and speak at the meeting, then we will go and plant Tulips on Troost around our own borders. Where to plant Tulips? Discussion will continue.

4.Block Watch (Matt)- Tabled due to Matt’s absence.

5.Follow-up nuisance issue:  75th & Holmes- Discount Tobacco-  Elizabeth went in no more than 3 weeks ago and everything is still there, brass knuckles, smoking pipes, etc. She said there were no adult items but everyone is still in agreement that this establishment should not have a beer license. The board voted in unison to deny support for a liquor license. 

6.New nuisance: Conoco at 75th & Holmes- Kurtis has complained to the Conoco about the dumpster and the fact that the doors are not closed. It creates an unsightly mess, the doors will not close at all and its very stinky.  He says they have no intention of closing the doors.  Kurtis says 3-1-1 will not get involved. We can report them to the Health Department, but we believe that we should try to draft a strongly worded letter asking them to comply or we will be contesting their renewal of their liquor license.  Angie suggests sending a letter that says that we are already contesting their liquor license renewal and if they don’t want us to report them to the Health department, they need to fix the dumpster.  Nick says that we shouldn’t send them a letter, but should go ahead and report them to the Health Department because the problem is a violation of code and that’s not really up for discussion. Everyone agrees. Marty says that we should at least draft a letter to Conoco from the Tower Homes Association, siting the code, to see if they will comply. This will give our report to the Health Department more credibility. Kurtis will draft the letter and let us see it before sending it out.

7.Programming for 2010- Elizabeth is taking this on and will be drafting plans for our meetings, keeping in mind what we have already discussed for this evening.


(a)  Jeff is absent, and will prepare a 2010 budget to run with for the year.

(b)  Nick is finding out about Liability insurance and we all agree that THA should have it.

(c) Angie passes around the discount card for approval and mentions new businesses on it are: The Well, Yoga Patch, and Family Bicycles. Kurtis suggested Maclain’s and will attempt to ask them.  Chad suggested an auto place, so perhaps we will ask Behrends.  Angie also says she is running out of time to do all of the mailing list cleanup that needs to be done. The board unanimously voted to pay Susan Stocking the 20 hours at $15/hour needed to clean up the mess.

Meeting adjourned 9:20pm.

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