March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010 Board Meeting

Jeff Highfill’s House


Attendance- Angie Lile, Nick Beydler, Peter Noel, Elizabeth Barker, Garth Stocking, Pat Allen, Joshua Hemberger, Barry Freece, Jeff Highfill, John Bozarth. Marty popped in a little later.


Angie says taht we have 219 paid memberships so far. Lots of Email addresses and we can give District Directors a list of every paid member in their district. Marti would like hers printed. Okay.

Also, Angie says that Susan Stocking is doing more work for LileStyle on a regualr basis. Some of LileStyle’s THA responsibilities have fallen to Susan such as: marking members as paid in the system, noting their contact preferences, printing out a thank you letter and mailing the discount cards out. Susan is getting paid by LileStyle $15 an hour to do the work and billing THA along with any other hours put in by LileStyle (such as processing the checks from the post office to the bank, and transferring Pay Pal payments to the checking account, etc.), all at the same fee of $15 per hour. No one has a problem with this arrangement.

Treasurer’s report

Nothing new to report. Funds are rolling in for membership. Budget will be done for our next meeting.

Liability Insurance (Nick)-

Quotes are really high and something that we can’t afford. Angie suggests calling the Neighborhood Services division at the City and Patrick will send him our contact who helps print our newsletters at the City.

Nick will call the city and ask: do we need liability insurance? are we legally required to have it??

Do we need it by our first dumpster day, which is April 17th or will South Broadland’s policy cover any accidents? Nick will check into it.

Dumpster Day-

April 17th- John will broadcast it on Yahoo. Angie will put it on the website and Facebook.

Angie will create and initiate a post card mailing to all members with info about (a) Dumpster Day (b) Pay Your Dues (c) May Day


Discussion falls to Newsletter and how to get advertising through it. Angie suggests a section in the newsletter that “thanks our coporate sponsors” and create a “Business Membership”available to the THA which will give them recognition in all newsletters, a banner ad on the website. It was motioned and seconded and the board voted unanimously to create a business membership for $100. Nick wonders if its too late in the year to offer that and we need to really fine tune this to be able to offer a package. Nick suggest that we wait until next year to really roll it out. This was tabled until our next meeting with a request for everyone to consider how to best proceed with this new initiative.

Block Watch-

Matt is out of town. Discussion turns to crime and the rapist and what THA is planning to do. We have already contributed $100 to the TIPS reward fund. It has been discussed that if more money is being spent for this, that it should be on something like defense classes or something similar.

Garth wants to know if we can break out the blocks on our mailing list so that each person who wants to be a block captain can have a list of who is on their street. Angie will check with Mike to see if its possible.

Nick says that the KCPD has a detailed crime prevention section and that info will be disseminated on all of our networks.

If someone wants to be a block watch captain, they can get info from the website and contact us to provide them with a list of who is on their block. Angie suggests that the District Reps should step up and either start a block watch on their street or help get one started. Motion was made for all district reps and officers to either start a block watch program or help someone to get one started and the board voted unanimously.

General Meeting-

Elizabeth is organizing: Matt will talk about Block Watch, we need a guest speaker, someone wants to talk about a door locking mechanism that he is selling and Elizabeth will see if he can give one away, Kurtis will talk about the WTHS. Basic calendar announcements: May Day with Movie in the Park, Dumpster Day, that should be enough. Someone needs to set up refreshments. Apparently we are serving up a “light breakfast” which Angie says that Susan should provide everyone. *ahem* That being said, Josh has agreed to help with refreshments. We may serve up bagels and cookies.

May Day-

Garth is very enthusiastically suggesting an afternoon picnic, with kids games (Angie suggests that a Girl or Boy Scout troop can help organize this), Movie night, providing food (hamburger’s and hot dogs on the grill) somehow. Garth calls on a volunteer to chair and no one is really available to organize the entire thing during the months ahead. Garth wants it to be advertised, publicized, for us to have our shirts by that time, have a rain garden work day earlier in the day, serving up food and drinks, live music, and to call it May Day and make it this huge (200 + people) event.

Angie suggests making a list of all of the volunteers that would need to help, what they each would need to do to help make it everything he envisions and then we can figure out if it can be done. The board is willing to be there that day to help, but everyone is pretty limited on a long-term basis.


Josh says that the design is ready, but he forgot to bring it. He will email it out to us tomorrow. Then we just need to figure out where to have them printed. Josh is taking info. Garth says we should probably get 200. We’ll have to hash out the sizes.

Miscellaneous Business-

Josh has founded Public Notice- a non-profit, looks to beautify urban spaces without having to hire a contractor, but to use their given skills to work with the communities. (check it out).

Garth addressed an email from a member who had a few items that she wanted to see discussed at our next meeting: offering give aways to people who may not be able to afford defense items (we are looking into this already). Also a complaint about noise levels off the rooftop of the Well from last summer. Board discusses this and Angie reminds everyone that Chris Lewellen addressed this very issue when he came to our general meeting last year. There are police officers on bicycles that are riding around to give tickets to people who park erroneously. Noise complaints should also be called into The Well directly. The board also decides to forward this complaint on to Chris Lewellen so that he is aware of it.

Meeting adjorned at 8:59pm.

Taken by Angie Lile, Secretary.

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