July 1, 2010

Board of Directors Meeting


July 1, 2010 7pm


In Attendance: Peter Noel, Chad Potter, Patrick Allen, Kathie Kerr, Kurtis Marinez, Garth Stocking, John Bozarth, Elizabeth Barker, Marty Hatton, Mary


Fourth of July-


Officers on 3rd and 4th from 6pm to midnight. $43.50 an hour is the cost. The police have a decibal reader to determine if a noise violation will occur this weekend. Police are going to be able to give tickets for parking on the grass at the park. If you see someone parked on the grass, Kathie Kerr says you can do what she does and tell the person, “You know you can do what you want, but the Police have been giving out $60 tickets for parking on the grass. The Homes Association reports everyone they see”. This will get them to move it quicker.


Parks and Rec would like to get copy for a welcome brochure that outlines the rules a little better.


John moves to approve $1100 total for the police patrol at the park. Mary seconds. The vote passes, all in favor.


Treasurer’s Report- Jeff is absent.


Liquor License, Oak & Gregory-


No news to see if the owners of the gas station at the northwest corner of 75th and Holmes is going to be able to open a package liquor store in the location where SRO Video was closing and moving out of. Angie’s going to find out when she attends the WABA board meeting next Tuesday.


Kurtis reports that the dumpster at the Fast Stop has finally been repaired and the health department came to speak to the owner about the mess and how long it has been going on. Ownership will turn to a lease situation and a new lease holder will be taking care of the property.


Tulips on Troost –


Garth is asking if we have an interest in donating to the project and mount a volunteer effort to plant them in the fall. John Bozarth motions that we donate $300 to the project and Mary seconded. Motion passes with unanimous yes. Marty is volunteering to help work with the Tulips on Troost volunteer coordinator.


Movies in the Park-


Do we want to have another one this year? We have to be prepared for the $600+ cost. This time we may just cater to a more adult population and possibly in September. Kathie will get on that and let us know.




Summer is a hard time for food pantries because school lunches aren’t helping to subsidize for families. Garth and Patrick volunteered last year to collect and they are having a food drive for July 27th. We are going to try to get a barrell and have it put at the Library. Angie will email Alicia and copy Marty to ask about leaving it there. If we get the barrell set up before our July 10th meeting, Angie can use the communication tools to let people know to bring donations to the meeting.


Curb Appeal Grants-


The newsletter is delayed so yahoo group, website, email, phone message, word of mouth, Facebook, Twitter. Patrick’s wife is a grant writer and may be able to help us locate grants that we can use for these. Curbside Appeal grants were originally given to us by the government and then they went away. THA can’t really continue to give $2000 each year so we need to find sponsorship and/or grants to help. Deadline should be before the next drawing.


Home Green Home Energy auditors will be at the meeting. It will be a great presentation.


Block Watch-


Peter Noel went out and asked all 36 houses on his street and only 4 said they would be interested. Kathie says that the only thing that really works is having block parties to get the neighbors out and talking to each other. Interested block captains need to consider throwing a block party. Peter Noel says he’ll help put together a “plan” or “skeleton” of this plan which would give people incentive to have the block party. Also if we have a block captain who sets up a block watch, they should get a THA t-shirt.


Waldo Fall Festival-


No longer called that. Waldo’s Rockin’ Block Party September 25th. In the same parking lot, only in the middle. There will be a beer garden in the evening with live music. The pub crawl will be the week before the festival. Chalk art, bike ride, games, Gayle’s Harley Davidsons will be there with Harley’s. It will cost $75 to have the booth there.


Patrick needs to send us an email for newsletter deadline so Marty can put an article in there for it.


Banner stand- Angie will bring the LileStyle one for everyone to look at.


Meetings with other Homes Associations-


Marty is bringing this up for the election period that will be happening next year where we are inviting candidates so we can team up with other associations.


New Officers & Directors- Garth wants us to talk about this since September is the ending time for our officers. We’ll need new Officers. Please consider. Garth is asking Kurtis if he wants to step up for President.


Angie mentions the house at 75th Street and Cherry and the complaints that have come in regarding the two couches and a chair that have been sitting out in the front yard. The board agrees to support any complaints agains this property resident. Complaints should be filed with 311 (the City). Angie will return the phone call to the person who complained.


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