August 18, 2010

Tower Homes Board of Directors Meeting

8/18/10 7:00pm


Attendance: Josh Hemberger, Stephanie Hemberger, Garth Stocking, Angie Lile, Pat Allen, Kurtis Marinez, KCMOPD Major Lawler, Marty Hatten, Barry Freese, John Bozarth, Kathie Kerr, Forrest Decker (Superintendent of Parks), Major Lewis.


Tower Park-

After an incident with the Police department and the President of the Tower Homes Association and his wife, Susan Stocking, came to light with the Board, we invited the Metro Patrol and the Parks and Recreation Department to come together at our meeting to discuss possible options. Here is a recap of what happened to instigate the meeting:

Angie, John and Kurtis,

Today, we had a request to check Tower Parks because of loud music and cars on the grass in the park. When we drove by, we counted more than a dozen cars, plus two horse trailers parked around the shelter. As we drove to the south side of the park, we saw several free parking spaces. We called it into 911 as we’ve come to an agreement with the police and parks department.

Officer Ciaretta (at this point I was too upset to write the name, so that could be misspelled…) CAME OVER TO OUR HOUSE TO VIBE US ABOUT CALLING. He was very confrontational, and said things to us like ‘what do you want us to do, it’s a busy Saturday’, ‘there are over 300 people in the park, do you want them to block Holmes’, ‘do you know what goes on each weekend in Swope Park’, ‘if I ask them to move their cars, they’ll just be back in 15 minutes’, and my personal favorite…’It will never be fixed until there is more parking available, so you need to work with the parks and the city, and get more parking.’ He said that the last time he checked the park was about 30 minutes ago, so he came over to OUR HOUSE before he had even checked the park.

I am disgusted.

John, could you see if you could get an officer to attend the next board meeting? Garth advised that the next meeting would be

August 18th.

Yours truly,

Susan Stocking

Major Phillip Lawler – Metro Patrol Commander over our area. Calls come into the dispatcher and is coded in as a low priority call. Parking control does not work on weekends. There are only 7 of them and they work City-wide. Officers are supposed to go over to the park and ask them to move their cars. Kurtis and Garth politely state that they did not believe that people were complying with that request. Kathie Kerr mentions that its not just a nuisance but it is a safety issue as cars are driving where children are playing. There are plenty of spots along Holmes and people just ignore that and start parking on the grass. Kathie asks if there is a possibility of them coming in the morning and making normal and regular checks. Major Lawler says that they can certainly begin looking at a regular check and mentions that they don’t have a captain for a certain evening shift and that has caused some problems. Seargant Mills will be the new acting Captain. There is active discussion about whether or not to issue tickets immediately to people who are breaking any ordinances.

Discussion turns to Forrest Decker and the reservation process. Major Phillip Lawler said if Parks & Recreation implement a deposit for the shelter, they would work with Parks to inform them if any tickets were issued. This will give Parks proof that city ordinances were violated and the deposit would not be returned.

Take-aways- Phillip Lawler says that they will continue to monitor the park and that we should definitely keep calling in (calling 911 or 234-5111) because it gets logged each time and builds a case. Mounted patrols will increase over there. Garth asks that we actually see tickets given to people who breaks the rules. Phillip Lawler says that it ruins community relationship especially when the person getting a ticket is a first time visitor and really doesn’t see the signs saying not to park.

John Bozarth said if he were to park in a “No Parking” zone downtown or on the grass at other parks such as Loose Park, they wouldn’t hesitate to issue a $50 fine.

Forrest Decker says that they can work at making sure that the people renting the shelters will get a brochure in the future and a deposit is required for renting the shelter. These changes will not take effect until after winter.

We will make sure to keep calling in any situations where the park is being mis-used.

Treasurer’s report-

We have fluidity but need to increase membership. Kathie moves to accept the report and it is seconded and approved.

View the Treasurer’s Report CLICK HERE (Adobe Reader Needed)

September 11th Election-

Kathie reads by-laws regarding re-election for the officer’s positions. Garth brings up Larry’s desire to be the President and that Elizabeth Barker has also asked to run for President so we will actually have to have a secret ballot to consider. Since we do need to do a secret ballet, we need to have someone actually moderate the event. Stephanie Hemberger has volunteered and been accepted by this Board.

First, we’ll accept a motion to retain our current Secretary, Angie Lile, for another term. Also another motion to retain our current Vice-President, Kurtis Marinez, and our current Treasurer, Jeff Highfill.

Then we’ll accept any nominations from the floor for President and then we’ll ask each nominee for President to give a short speech about why they want to be President. We need to make sure that anyone wanting to vote will be a member.

Planned Future Communication-

E-Mail- September 11th email, Newsletter, important calendar dates including the Garage Sale

Postcard- No post card is needed right now.

Phone Call- mention meeting and elections (when should they go out?) 2 phone calls to go out Tuesday before the meeting, Wednesday the week before.

Website- get dates up on the calendar, announcements out on Twitter and Facebook.


Ebbing membership brings up conversation about what we could do to bring in new neighbors. Stephanie says she would love to be a champion after her test is over and will then be able to help with the new neighbor gift bags.


Waldo Fall Festival – “Rockin Block Party” Volunteers needed sit at the booth during the day and we are also needing to create a banner to set out. Last weekend in September.

Manheim Homes association- contacted John Bozarth to see if he was interested in coming to a planning meeting about a coalition of homes associations.

Tulips on Troost- Business owner is interested in having us plant Tulips. 7800 block of Troost would like to have Tulips planted there. Tulips are planted in October and November. We have voted to give Tulips on Troost $300 from the Homes Association.

Garage sale comes up.. the next neighborhood garage sale is September 17th & 18th.

Mayoral Forum – in our neighborhood February 1st, 2011 at South Broadland Church.

Movie Night again this year? If we want to do it, it depends on the shelter (if its available). Movie Nights are lots of fun, but dependent on the weather. We would need to do it October 2nd or 9th. Kathie is going to figure out if there are available dates and what is available for a movie.

Shirts- Josh will look into ordering more shirts and finding different color choices.

Meeting adjourned at 9:24pm

Angie Lile, Secretary


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