Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, Sept. 2015

Waldo Tower Homes Association

Neighborhood meeting

September 12, 2015, 10:00 a.m., Waldo Library

President Kurtis Marinez called the meeting to order. Each attendee introduced themselves.

Water Services Capital Improvements

Three speakers from Kansas City Missouri Water Services Department attended the meeting to discuss capital improvement projects in the Waldo Tower Homes area. Andy Shively, engineer for Water Services, discussed the pending capital improvement projects for water, waste water, and storm water projects. The City of Kansas City, MO, has 4,000 employees, 860 of them in the Water Services division. Terry Leeds, Director of Water Services, was introduced, along with John Pruese with Burns and McDonnell.

A document was distributed outlining the pending projects in the area. Completion dates are weather dependent. Seven miles of water main replacement are in progress in our area. The city has 2,800 miles of lines. The projects are prioritized by the likelihood of failure, the consequences of failure (impact on travel, water service to schools and hospitals, etc.). The work is funded by cash and bonds (which are repaid by water services bill payments). The projects are integrated with other road improvement projects for cost savings. has fact sheets for each project.

A question was raised about the Waldo Pump Station in Tower Park. It is currently being rehabilitated, with the work being completed by this winter.

Another question was raised about the storm water runoff at 75th and Holmes. Marinez stated that the runoff buckles the road. Shively indicated that repair work is funded via PIAC requests, which are competitive.

A major project in the area in the area relates to the Overflow Control Projects and the sewer separation project. Water Services is happy to come back to the group to speak in further detail on this project.

An audience member asked about how success is measured for the separation project in Marlborough. Post-construction flow monitors were used to test the flows for the pilot project. The preliminary results showed great success. The Marlborough project is an example of interdepartmental collaboration to improve many aspects of the neighborhood. There was significant public outreach and education.

Election of Officers

Marinez introduced the election of officers. All of the 2014-2015 slate of officers were willing to renew their roles for another year. The floor was opened for nominations. No names were raised. John Bozarth moved to accept the following slate of officers, and Carol Gibson seconded:

Kurtis Marinez, President                             Karol O’Brien, Vice President

Elizabeth Hollins, Secretary                          Jeff Highfill, Treasurer



All attendees unanimously agreed to accept the slate of officers.

Hollins, Bozarth, and Marinez discussed the WTHA boundaries, districts resulting from the merger of Tower Homes Association and Waldo Homes Association, and the benefits of being a district representative on the board. Tammy Gay agreed to serve on the board.

Due to the number of years served as treasurer, an exception to our bylaws was needed for Jeff Highfill to be named for another term. Tammy Gay moved to approve the exception, and John Bozarth seconded. The term limit exception was unanimously approved by all.

Events in the 6th District

Karol O’Brien reported back from the 6th District (City Council) meetings. The Bike/Walk initiative with the City reported progress toward designating Kansas City as a bike-friendly community. The Trolley Trail south of 85th Street is currently closed due to a collapsed mine. The estimates for repair are approximately $1 million.

Community Policing Advisory Council (CPAC)

John Bozarth reported from the past CPAC meetings. There have been several random break-ins through front doors.

  • If anything suspicious happens, residents are encouraged to call 911.
  • Neighbors are advised to use a sense of urgency with the dispatchers to ensure that police are dispatched. If you sound unsure about the suspicious activity, the call will have a low priority and may not receive attention. Trust your instincts.
  • Do not leave valuables in sight of windows.
  • Use lights at night.
  • Watch for suspicious vehicle traffic. Half of cars stolen have the keys in the car. Put laptops in your trunk.
  • Carol Gibson recommended jam bars for your front door.
  • John Bozarth recommended steel bars that can strengthen front doors, preventing kick-ins. Additionally, houses with storm doors are less likely to be broken into. They can be a great investment.
  • A high percentage of break-ins occur during the daytime.
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