WTHA Neighborhood Meeting Minutes, Nov. 2015

Waldo Tower Homes Association

Neighborhood meeting

November 14, 2015, 10:00 a.m., Waldo Library

President Kurtis Marinez called the meeting to order.

Shalom Plaza Apartments Proposal

Local attorney Aaron March with the firm White|Goss spoke on behalf of the Foundation for Affordable Housing, a nonprofit owner of affordable housing based in California. The organization has plans to purchase Shalom Plaza I and II, located at 7777 Holmes. The properties have 191 independent senior housing units. The purchase is part of a large portfolio of 15 properties across the country, with a total portfolio purchase price of $90 million. The purchase is financed by tax-exempt bonds offered through the state of Wisconsin, but for the deal to go through, the city of Kansas City has to vet the purchase. The deal will not require any funds from the city of Kansas City.

Currently, the buildings are at 92% occupancy. The plan is to keep the current tenants, improve operations, replace the roof, improve lighting and the parking lot, and other interior improvements. Overall, the building is in good condition, so some of the improvements will occur over time as operations support the work. The new owners hope to improve the HUD inspection scorecard rating. The current owner has been trying to sell the property for years.

Any questions about the purchase can be directed to Aaron March: 816.502.4701. Once the sale is complete, any questions about the property can be directed to the onsite property manager, PK Management.

17th Street TIF Petition Drive

Angile Lile spoke about a group of Kansas City Public School parents collecting signatures regarding a proposed Tax Increment Financing (TIF) project in the Crossroads district. The project exempts tax payments to the school district and the library. Given the long list of deferred maintenance of Kansas City Public School buildings, parents are collecting signatures to encourage the city to stop providing tax incentives that cut funding for the school district.

6th District News

Karol O’Brien reported back from the Friday meetings with 6th District City Council representatives:

  • Red Bridge shopping center sold
  • Bulky trash pickup delays: now backed up 3 months +. Plans to add more dedicated trucks
  • Individuals with veterans license plates can now park anywhere in the city without charge
  • City looking to not allow sale of cigarettes and vapor products to those under 21, vs. current age of 18
  • Ward Parkway Center is adding six restaurants on the south end, where the old Dillard’s location. Dick’s Sporting Goods closed, and Ross Dress for Less will be going into that suite.
  • More KCMO minor home repair grants are available for income-eligible participants. There is also a program through the city to get free exterior paint, though you can’t pick the color.
  • The City will be offering the training for the Community Emergency Response Team. Participants learn about the City’s emergency response plans and how to help their household and neighbors during a disaster.

CPAC Update

John Bozarth provided updates from the Community Policing Advisory Council. Random break-ins continue. Always report suspicious activity to 911.

Tower Update

Kurtis reported that the contractors are now digging conduit for the uplighting for the Waldo Water Tower. This will allow for seasonal holiday lighting. They are also adding an access door to the tower, four lampposts.

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