January 2016 WTHA Neighborhood Meeting Minutes

Waldo Tower Homes Association

Neighborhood Meeting

January 9, 2016, 10:00 a.m., Waldo Library

Attendance: 12

Pedal Hopper

President Kurtis Marinez brought the meeting to order at 10:10, introducing Mr. Stone, representing the business Pedal Hopper (link). His son, Luke Stone, started operating Pedal Hopper in 2011 in Waldo and Brookside. A Pedal Hopper is a European party bike that carries 10-16 people. Riders pedal the bike and ride in a group, like a party bus, between different restaurant and bars.


The bike is rented for two-hour tours and is steered by a driver, much like a chauffeur. The Pedal Hopper is licensed with the city as a pedi-cab which does not allow alcohol to be consumed by the riders on board. The owner is seeking signatures on a petition to ask the city to allow riders to consume their own beer or wine in plastic cups (BYOB).

For more information, see the flyer provided by Pedal Hopper

Question: Would Pedal Hopper be selling beer?

Answer: No. Riders would bring their own cooler and pour drinks into plastic cups. The driver would always be sober and would collect trash.

Q: How would the owner ensure underage drivers would not be drinking?

A: This would be within the terms of the rental agreement. Additionally, underage riders are not allowed to consume alcohol at the destination bars, breweries, restaurants, etc.

Q: What route does the Pedal Hopper follow?

A: It varied based on the destinations selected by the renting group. They are always on side streets in Brookside and Waldo.

Rides are 2 hours with about only 1 hour of ride time, the rest of the time is spent inside their choice of destinations. The behavior of our riders is heavily monitored by our employees, we only book private parties and never have any random riders jump on. If anyone shows up too intoxicated or gets too intoxicated we won’t let them ride. We have an electric motor assist for help with the hills and incase people stop pedaling but that has never happened. We haven’t had any noise complaints in 2 years and have a completely clean safety record with no injuries or claims since we started in 2012. Allowing the riders to enjoy a beer on the Pedal Hopper will simply increase business and revenue for Pedal Hopper and all the businesses we visit in the Waldo neighborhood. 

Those interested in supporting this petition can sign the petition online:


The Here’s Waldo Homes Association is Active Again

John Shipp, long-time resident of the Here’s Waldo neighborhood, spoke on behalf of a small group of residents that live in boundaries of the currently inactive Here’s Waldo Homes Association. The neighborhood is in West Waldo, west of Wornall to Jarboe (picking up at Ward Parkway Plaza), south of 75th to 85th Streets. The area includes Sunnyside Park.

There is a group of eight individuals that met in early January to work to re-start the association. After the last board president passed away, the organization had been on hiatus. The initial focus will be on safety and cleanliness. They are hoping to have an April neighborhood cleanup event and ongoing meetings at the Armor Heights Baptist Church.

Marty Hatten mentioned that Here’s Waldo traditionally partnered with Tower Homes to host a table at the Waldo Fall Festival to introduce attendees to the work of Waldo neighborhood associations. John Bozarth suggested having an annual meeting of the all of the Waldo neighborhood associations. Here’s Waldo is planning an outdoor movie night, that could be in conjunction with a Waldo Tower Homes event. Kurtis Marinez mentioned a suggestion to apply for NTDF funds from the City for quarterly movie screenings at Tower Park.

City Council Updates

Karol O’Brien provided updates from her attendance at the 2nd Friday meetings held by the 6th district City Council representatives.

A lobbyist that represents the City spoke about topics in front of the Missouri Legislature:

  • Pushing for ethics reform at the state level
  • More economic development funding
  • Enhancing 911 funding, as many rural areas do not have 911 access via cell phones
  • More early childhood education funding
  • State trying to prevent cities from gun control measures and local taxation, such as the earnings tax (E-tax)
  • Real ID issue with state IDs not in compliance with federal guidelines

At the meeting, Scott Taylor noted that South Kansas City is the economic engine of Kansas City in terms of growth and business. Another big issue right now are neglected properties held by Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs). LLCs present an issue for cities as code enforcement departments have no way of contacting the legal owners of properties that have fallen into disrepair.

17th Street TIF Petition Update

Kurtis Marinez provided an update from Angie Lile. The school district parents that were collecting signatures to contest the use of Tax Increment Financing projects to divert revenue from the Kansas City Public Schools were successful in collecting 3,962 signatures. Only 3,400 were required. They are now working with the city to change the TIF policies.

Waldo Water Tower Update

Kurtis Marinez provided a progress update on the Waldo Water Tower restoration:

  • New sidewalks were put in immediately around the tower
  • By February, the new lighting should be done
  • By April, fencing will be installed

Crime Update

John Bozarth reported from the Community Policing Advisory Council (CPAC). There is a new leader of the Southtown Council since Marti Lee relocated to Nebraska.

Always be vigilant about noticing people or vehicles that look suspicious. If you see something, call 911 with a sense of urgency.

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