WTHA membership meeting, Sept. 10, 2016


Outgoing President

WTHA President Kurtis Marinez called the meeting to order. Further, he indicated that he would not be running for re-election after three terms. He will be focusing on the Waldo Tower Historical Society. The tower will have its 100 year anniversary soon. The historical society will be focused on events to bring people to the tower, such as movie nights, events using the tower as the backdrop, and future potential tourism-based plans, including a proposal to add an elevator for the tower to serve as an overlook). On behalf of the WTHA board and membership, Elizabeth Hollins presented Kurtis with a thank you gift and card for his years of service to WTHA.

Angie Lile introduced herself as a long-time WTHA board member, expressing her interest in running for WTHA president for 2016-2017. Her interest in running is contingent on it being a year of rebuilding the organization, focusing on building the sustainability of the organization, finding new volunteers, avoiding volunteer burnout, and soliciting the input of residents for the future vision of the organization.

All meeting attendees then introduced themselves to the group.


A potential speaker from HCA Midwest Health was unable to attend and removed from the agenda.

Border Star Montessori students

Maggie and Sophie LileBorder Start Montessori is a Kansas City Missouri Public Signature School located in the heart of Brookside.

Each year, many of the 6th grade students take an important trip to New York City to participate in the Montessori Model United Nations  program for one week.

The costs associated with such an important program can be quite high for many of our school families, so this fundraiser has been created.

Our goal will be to raise $35,000 through this platform as well as through local fundraisers throughout the coming year.

Please follow our fundraiser to keep up to date on our progress, to hear about our local events and to learn more about what these amazing kids will get to experience as a result of their hard work and determination.

Many of the students will be checking in and updating you on this platform, so please share with your friends and family and show them how strong our community is in our dedication to seeing these kids succeed.Maggie and , 6th grade students from Board Star Montessori, a KC Public Signature School, came to speak about their fundraiser to attend the Montessori Model United Nations Program in New York City. The 30 students attending aim to raise $35,000 this year. Students will be interacting with donors using the online fundraising platform: https://www.gofundme.com/2017mmun

Waldo Fall Festival

Volunteers are needed to support the WTHA booth at the Waldo Fall Festival, Saturday, September 17, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. in 2-3 hours shifts. The event is in the CVS parking lot at 75th and Wornall. Volunteers explain the work of the association and encourage membership. Contact Angie Lile to sign up.

Neighborhood Garage Sale

Angie Lile has obtained yard signs to promote neighborhood garage sales. She is collecting the names of those that might be interested in participating in a fall sale, with the date to be determined by those that may participate. The sale will be promoted via email, web, Facebook, and NextDoor. Contact Angie Lile to sign up.

Community Focus Groups

Angie introduced the concept of WTHA facilitating a series of community focus group discussions centered around the future of our homes association and how we can best serve the residents within our boundaries. The idea would be to have meetings in different venues to solicit the input of different types of residents, to build connection and a robust discussion. The dates, times, locations, and framing questions are to be developed. Other visioning/planning models will be researched. There was also a discussion of the final logistics and branding of the merged Tower Homes Association and Waldo Homes Association.

Election of officers

WTHA secretary Elizabeth Hollins officiated the election of officers for the 2016-2017 year. According to by-laws, elections occur at the September meeting. Five percent of the membership must be present, which was accounted for. The floor was opened for nominations, and none were made. A slate of officers from the existing board was suggested:

President – Angie Lile

Vice President – Tammy Gay (long-time board member of Waldo Homes Association)

Secretary – Elizabeth Hollins (continuing into second year in the position)

Treasurer – Jeff Highfill (continuing after nearly ten years of service)

WTHA member Carol Gibson moved to approve the slate of offices above. Larry Roth seconded. The vote was unanimous. Angie noted that the board would work to find a future successor for the treasurer role, as it requires an exception to the bylaws due to term limits.

Community Police Action Committee (CPAC)

John Bozarth reported back to the group from the last CPAC meeting. The committee meets at Southtown Council and monitors crime trends.

  • Police caught a group of 4-5 robbery suspects that had been moving back and forth across the state line, and likely hit Waldo many times.
  • Encouraged the use of the Waldo Neighborhood and Waldo Watch Facebook pages as well as NextDoor Waldo for real-time reporting and monitoring of crime and posting of videos of suspicious activity.
  • Try to obtain the license plate number of suspicious vehicles, not just a description.
  • CPAC data now reflects WTHA boundaries, all the way east to Troost.
  • More gunshots have been heard in the area of Tower Park, likely due to celebratory shooting into the air in many cases.

2nd Friday Meeting with 6th District Councilmen

Tammy Gay reported out from the 2nd Friday community meeting with the Kansas City councilmen representing the 6th District, Scott Taylor and Kevin McManus. From the South Kansas City Alliance, there was great news regarding Cerner’s growth and an upcoming Economic Development Summit. The shopping center at 85th and Wornall, including the Price Chopper, will receive a $5 million + renovation. Updates were given regarding incentives that the water department is providing for participation in a storm water run-off diversion program.

Curb Appeal Grants

Angie Lile reported that the next drawing for the Curb Appeal Grant will be at the November meeting, Saturday, November 12, 10 a.m. at the Waldo Library. Guidelines will be distributed prior to the meeting.

Dumpster Day

John Bozarth reported that the date for the fall dumpster day will be announced shortly. As usual, there will be two dumpsters from trash and two for yard waste.

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