Informational Town Hall Recap – Empower Your Vote!

We had a great turnout with well over 100 people at our Town Hall event to Break Down the Ballot issues. Understandably, many people were unable to attend so we decided to video the event so that everyone has the opportunity to empower their vote for November 8th.

Also, and this is very important, the folks at the KC Election Board are cautioning that the length of the Missouri ballot will require patience on the part of all voters and may cause long lines at some polling places. They’re suggesting that those who cannot physically wait in line for extended periods of time can opt for absentee voting.

If you cannot stand in line for an hour because of your physical condition, you can vote absentee before Election Day at:

Suite 750 in Union Station (30 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City, MO 64108) across from the Escape Room.

Park in the West Garage and receive validated parking (8 am – 5 pm, M-Fri)

OR ….There will be three Absentee Satellite Locations:

Center High School – 87th and Holmes
Brush Creek Community Center – 3801 Brush Creek/Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd.
Hillcrest Community Center – 10401 Hillcrest Rd.
(10 am-7 pm, M-Th; 10 am-5 pm, Fri; 10 am-3 pm, Sat.)

You need only attest on the Absentee Ballot Application by checking the box provided.

Following is a general overview of the recommendations made at our Town Hall:


To see the videos, scroll down to find the video that pertains the issues you are interested in hearing about:

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