Mixed Use Community Center being proposed for Robeson Middle School on Holmes Road

The Waldo Tower Homes Association Board Members had a special visit at their recent board meeting and an early glimpse at the proposed plan for Robeson Middle School. We’re encouraging our friends and neighbors who live near the school, located at 8201 Holmes Rd, to attend the upcoming community meeting on March 6th to learn more about it.

Some of the neighbors remember when the school used to be a Jewish Community center and it sounds like a neighborhood sports/community center is in its future once again. The plans we saw included places for kids to play sports, like Rugby and Soccer as well as a track for running, an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool and an indoor basketball court.

We heard plans for using the theater for community plays and concerts, the cafeteria to teach students how to prepare and serve their own food and hopes for partnerships with folks like Price Chopper to open up a small grocery market. Be sure to attend the meeting at Hartman Elementary School, 8111 Oak Street, on March 6th at 6:30pm.

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