Energy Efficiency is the Topic at our General Meeting, September 9th

Please join the Waldo Tower Homes Association for our next General Meeting, happening on Saturday, September 9th, at 10am in the Waldo Public Library. We’ll be in Meeting Room A.

Our special guest is Rob Jones with Efficiency First Kansas City,  whose primary goal is to inform the public about energy efficiency. From what they can do at home or at work to the programs available in Kansas City for energy efficiency, they want everyone to be as energy efficient as possible.

It saves money, saves energy, and makes the world more comfortable and better place!

We’ll also be expecting a brief visit from Councilman Scott Wagner 1st District and Mayor Pro Tem to talk a little bit about “Slum Lords” and what the City is doing to crack down on landlords who are non-responsive to their renters.

This is also our annual election meeting where we will vote on a slate of officers to fill the 2018 year. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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