Minutes from the February 15, 2017 Board Meeting

Waldo Tower Homes Association

Board Meeting

February 15, 2017

Attendees: Angie Lile, Karol O’Brien, Damien McNearney, John Bozarth, Tammy Gay, Elizabeth Hollins, and Safia Gray.

Social Media/Racial Profiling – Angie updated the board about an incident near Hartman Elementary in which an African-American father picking his son up from school was confronted by neighbors who were suspicious. He was later questioned by the police and detained for a traffic violation. He contacted Southtown Council to share his experience. Angie then posted to the Waldo Neighborhood Facebook page to bring awareness to the perils of posting pictures on social media of “suspicious” individuals who may just be walking down the street.

Robeson School Reuse Proposal (8201 Holmes)Sean Pickett, a local attorney, presented an initial concept for redevelopment of the Robeson School site. Garcia Architects. The development proposal is over a two year period, including rehab of the building, and add on to the east side. The project is a combination of a youth sports complex, in partnership with Sports Management Association. There will be complementary services such as daycare, or potentially a grocery store partner. The site already includes an Olympic-sized pool. Parochial school teams have expressed needs for more pool availability. The project is primarily using private financing and will not be seeking tax credits. The project is estimated to start at $8 million. The acquisition price will be $600,000. A public meeting is upcoming, March 6, 6:30 p.m. Hartman Elementary, 8111 Oak.

GO Bond issue – The question was posed whether WTHA would take an official position? There are three questions totaling $800 million for infrastructure improvements. It includes sidewalk and street improvements, an animal shelter, and flood control. Instead of taking an immediate position, we will add a poll to the website to start dialogue about the issue.

Future Town Halls – Crime and safety, March 14, include Missouri Legislators for an August date (when they are in state)

South Middle School Steering Committee – Angie Lile serves on the steering committee, which includes representatives from public, charter, and private schools. So far, the committee reviewed the parent survey results. The most recently opened middle schools are further north from our neighborhood. While each school has 600 seats, they have not met attendance expectations. The district is losing students not just to charter schools, but to surrounding districts, as families are migrating out of the city. The importance of sports was raised as a recruiting factor. The steering committee is hoping for a middle school serving south of Brush Creek. Materials are available on the school district’s website.

March General Meeting – March 11 – 75th and Wornall streetscape, setting dates for upcoming focus groups

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