Minutes for the April 19, 2017 Board Meeting

Waldo Tower Homes Association

Board Meeting

April 19, 2017, 6:30 p.m.

Held at the home of Tammy Gay, 8216 Kenwood

Attendees: Angie Lile, Karol O’Brien, Damien McNearney, Tammy Gay, Elizabeth Hollins, Cat Larrison, Mary Cary.

Quorum present (Board members absent: Safia Gray, Jeff Highfill, John Bozarth)

Visitor: Tiffany Moore, Armour Hills HOA

  1. Center for Neighborhoods class report out – Tammy, Karol, and Elizabeth are completing a UMKC course about best practices for neighborhood engagement, organizational management, and city connections. They shared lessons learned and plans to register with the state and update bylaws and branding relative to the previous merger of THA and WHA, along with the plans related to the work of focus groups.
  2. Action Item – Board members are asked to document a detailed list of responsibilities related to WTHA and steps you take to get it done in order to create a board handbook with phone numbers, links, etc. This will reduce potential problems in the event of unexpected volunteer turnover. Email the list to Angie.
  3. Membership – Mary reported that membership numbers are low compared to this time last year. Last year we had a total of $6,600 in membership revenues, and this year it is just $2,870 (when combining membership income with dues not yet transferred from PayPal). There was concern that some emails may not have been received. Mary will send a follow-up email to those that have not renewed membership this year.
  4. Frequency of meetings – Due to the recent uptick in WTHA activity, there was a discussion to increase board meeting to monthly vs. bimonthly. Karol moved to increase board meetings to monthly. Mary seconded. The motion passed unanimously. General meetings will continue to be held bimonthly, pending feedback received at focus groups.
  5. Focus Groups – Angie, Tammy, and Karol reported progress in the planning of a series of focus groups to solicit input from residents about the future of WTHA. Surveys have been developed, as well as the structure of the events. Food and drawing prizes have been solicited. Graphics were designed. Five dates have been set. A project budget was circulated. The costs include printing and mailing of a 6×11” postcard to all 3,094 households in the neighborhood. Elizabeth moved to approve a focus group project budget not to exceed $2,700. Mary seconded.  Unanimously approved. See postcard draft below.
  6. Budget – Treasurer’s reports for 12/31/16 year end and 3/31/17 year to date financials were distributed. Last year ended with expenses exceeding income by ($175.44). The organization has a savings account with a $14,082 balance, which helped to cover the minor deficit last year. In the first three months of this year, the organization has had $2,130 in income and $1,577 in expenses. John was able to reserve the dumpsters at the reduced rate of $60/each, which will save more than $1,000 from last year’s dumpster day expenses. Tammy moved to approve the dumpster day budget of $300, and Mary seconded. The motion passed unanimously.
  7. Curbside Appeal Grants – Kat Larrison will manage the grant drawing and management this year. This week, the website will launch a page to take entries. The drawing will be at the May 13 meeting. Four grants of $250 each will be granted and paid upon completion of the project. Due to changed drawing dates, last year’s winners will be able to complete projects through December 2017 and this year’s drawing winners will have a completion period of May 2017 – May 2018.
  8. May 13 General Meeting – Gardening Theme. The curb appeal grant drawing will occur, along with a speaker. Angie will reach out to potential speakers from KC Community Gardens, Giving Grove, MU Extension Service, and the Waldo Farmers Market.
  9. Annual Picnic, June 24
    1. Total budget – $700 – $1,000. Considered asking food trucks to come, decided to continue providing free food. Condiments, napkins, and serving utensils remain from last year. Estimated costs for a movie night – $450 to rent screen, $280 – $380 for movie licensing, and may need to purchase additional insurance.
    2. Schedule – proposed schedule – 6-7 p.m. fire truck, games, carnival food, 7-9 p.m. live music and food, 9 – 10:30 p.m. movie (once its dark) No word yet whether Waldo Historical Society would like to have complementary events related to the Tower on the same day.
  10. Future meetings –
    1. No future town halls planned. No word from ACLU or social justice groups
    2. Pat Klein, Director of Aviation, is requesting a Town Hall to talk about updates to KCI. Tiffany Moore of Armour Hills is interested in combining efforts. It was agreed that a joint event in July would be good, perhaps at Research Brookside Campus.
    3. Mike Zeller with Uniting Southwest is requesting a town hall to talk about opening up a hybrid charter school in the old Southwest High building. The group has not approached the school district or pursued a feasibility study.
    4. Angie reported out on the KC Public School Committee to research opening a new middle school south of Brush Creek. While the committee has not made a final recommendation, enrollment and relocation patterns reflect challenges in attracting enough student to support a new middle school.
    5. Surrounding neighborhoods are holding an area-wide garage sale the weekend of May 13. This date will be shared on social media in case anyone in WTHA area wants to volunteer to lead coordination for WTHA.
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