Waldo Tower Neighborhood Focus Results

In 2015, Tower Homes Association merged with the Waldo Homes Association for a total combined area of 3,300 homes.

Our boundaries now include:
Gregory to 79th, Wornall to Troost and 79th to 85th, Wornall to Holmes.

This expansion, along with declining membership, declining volunteerism and increasing costs for services such as Dumpster Day, print materials and mailing costs to such a large area, has highlighted a growing need for a re-organization.

We needed to find out what residents in our area want from a neighborhood organization, so we planned a series of five focus meetings that were held during the summer.  This was followed by an online survey that was offered to anyone living within our boundaries.

The focus group and survey were designed to discover:

  • How to best communicate neighborhood and meeting information to residents in our boundaries,
  • What residents in our boundaries want from a neighborhood organization,
  • What residents in our boundaries like or don’t like about Waldo, and
  • What residents in our boundaries find important or not important in their community.

Now, we are revealing the results of our research and how that information will be used to:

  • Reorganize into the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association (from Waldo Tower Homes Association),
  • Refine the role of the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association, and
  • Outline our next steps and what it means for our community.

Or watch the video presentation with the slides by clicking here:

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