Happy New Year!


Dear Neighbor,

I’ve lived in this neighborhood since 2002 and have really enjoyed being an active member of my community, but nothing compares to the feeling I received recently when we completed an intense series of focus meetings and saw the results. I am so very happy to live in a community that loves and enjoys their neighbors and want to make their neighborhood the best that it can be.

We learned a lot of valuable information through this year-long process and as a result we have been making some big changes to our organization. Most importantly, our new name, the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association, and the proposed changes to our by-laws now reflect our true purpose and how we operate.

We will no longer be considered a “Homes Association”,  but will continue to fulfill those roles in the way that our residents have asked us to.

The new mission of the Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association is to provide mutual benefits to members. Additionally, WTNA shall be organized:

• To promote the general welfare of the neighborhood;
• To protect the general health and welfare of its members;
• To cultivate and promote attractive, well-kept homes and buildings;
• To support municipal services of public safety, neighborhood improvement, and recreational activities and facilities;
• To promote crime prevention programs and activities; and
• To collect annual dues from members to provide a general fund to pay operating costs, fees, and expenses of the   Association.

Many of these expenses increase each year including the costs to send out communications to such a large area. We try to reach all 3,300 homes but only see about 300 commit with a membership and that barely covers our operating budget.

It is thanks largely to these memberships that allow us to provide our Dumpster Days twice a year, which we learned was a service that our respondents valued the most.

We are seeking to expand these types of events and to seek out more opportunities for our residents to find value in their community. If we could have more people invest with a membership, we would also have a louder voice at City Hall.

I hope you’ll take a look at our 2018 Calendar to get an idea of some of the things we are planning and invite you to our next general meeting on January 13th where we will be voting on the new by-laws.

Please also consider becoming a member?  We can do so much when we all band together and create an even better Waldo.

Thank you for your consideration and support and have a very Happy New Year!

If you have already signed up for 2018, we are putting the final touches on our new Discount card with lots of upgrades to the offers and will have them printed by the time we have our meeting.


Angie Lile, President,
Waldo Tower Neighborhood Association

New for 2018!

Support your neighborhood organization in style with our new Waldo Tower Neighborhood apparel. Lots of styles and sizes to choose from, order online and pick up at our March Meeting (or we can drop it off for you). Orders are being taken until January 15th.

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