Recap of our Meeting on January 13, 2018

Waldo Tower Neighborhood General Meeting on 1/13/18

(our next meeting is on March 10th)

Watch the video below.

1. Introduction to By-Laws and What Has Changed- view this information here.

2. Vote on By-Laws- view new By-Laws here.

3. News and Updates:

• 6th District Update by Vice-President Tammy Gay

• CPAC Update by John Bozarth

• Membership Update by Mary Cary

Cards are being re-worked with newer-better offers and we’ll send it to the printer within the next week or two and mail them out as soon as we get them back. Membership renewal letters are being printed by Research Medical Hospital – Brookside Campus and the turn-around time is quite a bit longer than expected. They should be ready in the next week as well.

• Country Club/Waldo Area Plan Update by Angie

City Plan Commission Hearing – February 6, 2018 at 9am

Implementation Committee will form after that.

• Restaurant Week (until January 21st)

• Waldo Week (February 24 – March 3)

• Town Hall in the works for February 27, 2018 at 6:30pm

Tax incentives, how they are used in Kansas City, their pros and cons and how they affect voters.

• Robeson/Bingham Update

Public Meeting by KCPS re: Robeson on February 6th at 6pm at South-Broadland Presbyterian Church

• January is Mentoring Month and KCPS offers Mentoring Programs

• Website Committee is ready to meet.

New website is

4. Special Guest- Matt Bunch with Kansas City Community Gardens (at 01:06:00) is their website

5. Miscellaneous Business and Adjourn

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