Video of Public Meeting to Discuss Water Main Replacement and Sewer Rehab in Waldo

Click the image to read the full .pdf that was provided at the meeting, including the contact info for the project managers.

Should you have any questions or concerns it is recommended that you reach out to the project managers directly rather than trying to file a 3-1-1 or go through the City.

It was suggested that (a) you take pictures of your property before they begin. They have pics also but it doesn’t hurt to have your own, and; (b) look into the insurance that the city sells to protect you from any pipe ruptures as a result of being hooked back up to your line from the main water line. Some of these ruptures the city will repair, but from the property line to your home, they will not and some residents have found out that it is better to be safe than sorry.

We were able to also obtain the full renderings from the meetings which can be viewed by clicking on the image or clicking right here.

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