Wornall Road Improvements Announcement from KCMO

The following information is located on the city’s website at kcmo.gov/wornall but they do not include information for the CURRENT construction, which is actually being done by Infrasource, the contracting company for Spire. THAT work is scheduled to end in the next 3 weeks. Please reach out to them if you notice gaping holes or dangerous situations. Contact info for all parties is located at the bottom of this post.

Over the next few years, the City of Kansas City, MO is investing more than $45 million to upgrade basic infrastructure in the Waldo neighborhood. Currently, Spire Gas Company is on Wornall installing a new gas line. Following this work, the City will implement several infrastructure improvements along and adjacent to Wornall Road.  Below are descriptions and anticipated timelines for these infrastructure improvements.

Reconstruction of Wornall Road – 85th to 89th Streets
Public Works will reconstruct Wornall Road from 85th Street to 89th Street and add curb, gutter and sidewalks along this section. Anticipated construction start is late 2018 with completion in late 2019. This project, funded through GO bonds, has an estimated cost of $3.5 million.

Reconstruction of Wornall Road – 74th to 79th Streets
Public Works will also reconstruct Wornall Road from 74th to 79th streets. Work includes reconfiguration of the parking lot at the northeast corner of 75th and Wornall Road, extension of the Trolley Track Trail from 74th to 75th Streets, and improvements aimed at making the corridor safe for pedestrians. Construction is anticipated to start in early 2019 and finish in the fall of 2020. This project is funded in part by a Surface Transportation Grant and GO bond funds. The estimated project cost is $6 million. See more information on this project here: 75th and Wornall Improvements

Smart Sewer Program
Kansas City’s Smart Sewer Program will begin a sewer separation project within the Waldo area early this year. The areas affected include W 77th Street, W 85th Street, Summit Street and Grand Avenue. The work includes construction of new storm sewer mains and sanitary sewer mains, sewer rehabilitation and replacement of existing water mains. The project is part of the consent decree signed between the City, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Justice which requires the City to make extensive improvements to its sewer systems to eliminate unauthorized overflows of untreated raw sewage and to reduce pollution levels in urban storm water. The project has an estimated cost of $26 million. Learn more about the Smart Sewer Program here: KC Smart Sewer

Water Main Projects
KC Water plans to replace water mains along Wornall Road in conjunction with the Public Works roadway reconstruction projects and the Smart Sewer Program. In addition, KC Water will upgrade outdated water mains along 75th Street from Holmes to State Line Road. The preliminary cost estimate for this project is $12.5 million.

KC Smart Sewer upgrades start spring 2018 and end at end of 2019. 85th to 89th street reconstruction starts in third quarter of 2018 and ends at the end of 2019. 74th to 79th Street reconstruction starts in first quarter of 2019 and ends in third quarter of 2020. 75th Street Water Main work starts in third quarter of 2019 and completes at end of 2020.

For more information on Public Works projects, please contact Public Works Public Information Officer Beth Breitenstein at 816-513-2612.

For more information on KC Water projects, please contact Brooke Givens at 816-513-0284.

For more information on the Smart Sewer Program, contact Project Manager Julie McNiff at 816-447-9892.

Added by us:  Infrasource, the contracting company for Spire – Alicia Summers. Alicia.Summers@infrasourceinc.com

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