[VIDEO] General Meeting from March 10, 2018

  1. Special Guest- Councilman Kevin McManus and Councilman Scott Taylor
    • Update on PIAC sales tax renewal on the April Ballot
    • Update on what’s being done on Wornall Road and around Waldo.
  2. News and Updates:
    • 6th District Update by Karol O’Brien
    • CPAC Update by John Bozarth
  3. Special Guest- SNKC to give a short presentation on feral cat colonies and what we can do about them.
  4. Meeting Updates from around the Neighborhood – Angie Lile
    • Robeson School Proposal (Closing Date is March 21st) and we are working with the developer on a Community Benefits Agreement.
      • New plan includes affordable housing for 55+ in order to secure the level of financing needed to do the community center and athletic fields.
    • Water Main Replacement and Smart Sewer project happening within the areas of 77th Street to the north, W. 85th Street to the south, Summit Street to the east and Grand Avenue to the west.
    • Public Forum to Discuss Economic Incentives big success.
    • Town Hall with Missouri Representative Greg Razer
    • 85th Street Price Chopper renovation plan.
    • Bingham Update
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