Waldo Neighbors in Need

The following information was taken from the Go-Fund-Me Campaign for Bob and Ardythe:

Ardythe and Bob (Christiana and Chabala ) ARE HOME!!

This couple {80 and 85 years young} have been married over 55 years!! Help us show them the same love and loyalty ️ they’ve shown each other by updating their home and making it safe for them.

Their home has been getting fantastic face lift BUT there is still work to be done. Big list items and labor have been donated but materials for installation and adaptions to fit this great Waldo Home are costly.

Help us keep out-of-pocket costs for Bob and Ardythe to a minimum! We could all be in their shoes with one debilitating fall ⛑!! Luckily Ardythe is getting stronger and is able to be in her home so LET’S KEEP OUR NEIGHBORS SAFE.

The plans for the ramp are being fine-tuned {with Ardythe’s input} and WILL BE BUILT!!

Work we’d like to still get done includes, but is not limited to: Sturdy hand rails up the front steps and safety bars Inside the house; interior paint; manageable organization system!!!!

We have received a lot of great suggestions for continued long term assistance for Bob and Ardythe and will research all avenues for the best fit for them . For right now, we are still going to their house and helping (we are 5 houses away).

Please continue sharing our story/campaign and thank you for keeping us all in your thoughts. ❤ – https://www.gofundme.com/BobAndArdythe

THE STORY : In June, Ardythe, 80 yrs old, broke her leg. The pin they inserted penetrated her hip and forced her into a high intensity rehab facility.

Her mostly  dependent husband, Bob, 85 year old, Korean War Vet, was subsequently forced to leave their home, when she went to the hospital, and live apart from Ardythe in an assisted living facility in another part of town.

Following at least two surgeries, Ardythe worked on rehabilitation for months, until she was finally well enough to go to the same facility as Bob.

Now they’re ready to come home but their home is I’m need of many repairs and updates…..one of the remaining, costly and GLARING need is a ramp for the back entry into the house! They use walkers right now and there is NO way to these stairs with walkers.

As a neighbor, and someone thankful of his military service, I want to get their home the repairs and updates is needs and they deserve. If they want to be home, they should be able to be home!

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