KCMO Land Bank creates unique home ownership program for public employees

Following its successful Dollar Home Sale and #HeartofKC home sale, the Land Bank of Kansas City is opening the doors to home ownership to public employees for just $100.

Beginning April 23, the Land Bank is putting 25 homes up for sale to City of Kansas City, Jackson County, KCPD, state and federal employees and employees of school districts inside the Kansas City, Missouri, city limits. Applications will be taken until May 28.

“Public employees are committed to this City and already make sacrifices to serve,” said Ted Anderson, Land Bank executive director. “This sale is a benefit we can offer workers who repair streets or fight fires, so that they can move from renting to owning a home.”

This sale is similar to the other Land Bank sales in several ways. Buyers need to pass a background check, have no delinquent property taxes or open property maintenance violations and have access to at least $8,500 so they can begin repairs. They will have four months to abate exterior violations and another eight months to rehab the interior of the home (one year total). Buyers also need to make the home their principal residence for at least three years. Given the need for affordable housing throughout Kansas City, Anderson said this is a great way to own a home for relatively little money.

“Like the #HeartofKC homes that sold for $999, these homes are structurally sound and, with a little vision, owners are going to have a fabulous return on their investment,” Anderson said. “You can expect to spend anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 in rehab costs, but in return, you not only have the pride of home ownership, but pride in reinvesting in Kansas City.”

A complete list of properties can be found on the Land Bank’s website: www.kcmolandbank.org. Several other properties, available to anyone, can also be found on the site. For more information about the public employee sale, call the Land Bank at (816) 513-9020.

Interested media can contact Neighborhoods and Housing Services Department Communications/Community Liaison John Baccala at (816) 513-3202 or Ted Anderson, Land Bank Executive Director at (816) 513-9020.

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