January-February 2008

Jan.-Feb. 2008                    

Tower Talk

Volume 27:  Issue 1


Rain Garden Coming

A rain garden soon will grace the northeast corner of Tower Park, thanks to Kansas City Parks & Recreation and Tower Homes Association (THA).  THA will provide volunteers and the Parks Department will provide the plants.  Landscaping and planting are due to start this Spring.  If you are interested in helping, please contact THA district 13 board member Carolyn Lidge at

(816) 966-1861.


Traffic Signal at 75th & Holmes a Top Priority

We hear it a lot.  “If only someone had done something, he would still be alive.”  Well, we are trying to do something.


Back in the summer of 2007, Tower Homes Association’s board, led by board director Kurtis Marinez, appealed to Beth Gottstein’s office for help getting a turn signal at the intersection of Holmes and 75th Street. (A turn lane already exists.) This is a very dangerous intersection, with many accidents happening on a regular basis. 


It’s been especially so since 85th Street was closed to construction.  Apparently, when  the state planned the closing of 85th Street they either

underestimated the increase of traffic flow or disregarded the consequences on what the closing would mean to traffic turning at 75th and Holmes.


It’s been an arduous journey to get something done.  As of the deadline for this newsletter, THA is still working with our city council and city manager’s office for a resolution.


You can help.  Send an email or a letter supporting a turn signal at 75th & Holmes and email it to  Kortez@KC.rr.com  or mail it to  Kurtis at 7517 Holmes Rd. K.C. MO 64131.  If you’ve had any accidents or close calls there, please include this.  We will present those letters to the proper city officials and keep you posted. 


Clip and Share: Bulk Item Pick-ups

Dear Neighbor,

We’ve noticed that you have set a bulky item out for pick up before the scheduled bulky item collection date.  You may be new to our neighborhood, so please let us welcome you and tell you about bulky item pick up dates. 


The city will pick up large household items more than four feet long or weighing more than 40 pounds in this neighborhood on the 30th of EVEN MONTHS.  So, for this neighborhood, the pick-up days are at the end of February, April, June, August, October and December.  Bulky items should be placed at the curb no earlier than the DAY BEFORE collection day.


Setting items out earlier is a city code violation and could result in a fine. When collection day falls on a weekend or holiday, collection takes place the next working day.  Depending on the volume of set-outs, it may be a day or two after the scheduled collection day before the city gets to your items. 


If your items were not picked up on collection day, call the Action Center at 816-513-1313 within 3 days.


Bulky Item requirements

  Place bulky items at the curb by 7 a.m. on collection day

  Place bulky items at the curb after 3 p.m. the day before collection day

  Your bulky items will be picked up within three days of your collection day

  If your collection date falls on a weekend or holiday, place bulky items at the curb on the next business day

  Place bulky items where they are not obstructed by parked cars

  Don’t put bulky items beneath tree branches or low hanging wires

  Different trucks collect different kinds of bulky items – one for appliances that contain refrigerants, etc.

  Collection is provided for all single-family houses and all multi-family dwellings of six units or less


O.K. to set out:

  Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning units

  Metal appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, water heaters, furnaces or metal furniture

  Furniture such as couches, tables, fencing, chairs, TVs, beds or mattresses

  Other items such as bathroom fixtures, cabinets, rugs, garage doors, lawn mowers, railroad ties, disassembled swing sets or large car parts

  Storm windows and glass panes. To help prevent injury, place a large “X” of masking tape across glass panes to prevent shattering and stack them separately from other bulky items.


Don’t set out:

  Commercial or business trash or waste materials

  Piles of stuff, bags or boxes of smaller items

  Loose or scattered materials

  Closed drums or fuel tanks: metal drums must have both ends removed to be collected

 Automobile bodies or gas tanks



For more information about trash pick up, call (816) 513-1313 or go to: http://www.kcmo.org/pubworks.nsf/web/trash?opendocument


Thank you,

Tower Homes Association

Do You Know What’s in Your Recycling Bin?

Hold on!  That pizza delivery box isn’t recyclable and neither are those plastic grocery bags.

These items can be put in your recycle bin:

 Aluminum cans and other metal cans

• Plastic bottles with a neck (look for the #1 & #2 symbols) such as water and soda bottles, milk jugs and detergent bottles

• Office paper, junk mail, newspapers, phone books, catalogues and magazines.

• Cardboard (thick corrugated and thin cereal box-type)


Don’t put these in your bin:

• Pizza delivery boxes

• Glass

• Plastic bags

• Styrofoam

• Motor oil bottles and other automotive product bottles

• Egg cartons

• Paper towels, tissues or napkins, plates or cups

• Waxed containers, like milk cartons or juice boxes

• Gift wrap

• Shredded paper

• Plastic tubs, like yogurt tubs

How to Participate! Participation requires the use of a recycling bin. This is required, because it signals the truck to stop. The first recycling bin for each eligible household was provided free of charge. If you are a new resident and would like to participate in KC Recycles, contact the City’s 311 Action Center by dialing 311 or (816) 513-1313 to make arrangements for delivery of a free recycling bin.

Recycle: Take your recyclables to the curb every week on the same day as your trash pick up.

Too much for the bin? Set extra recycle-ables in cardboard boxes, paper bags or plastic tubs next to the bin.

If you have more than two bags of trash, purchase trash tags for the extra bags at Westlake Hardware or Price Chopper.


For the Things You Can’t Put in Your Bin …

Go to bridgingthegap.org or call Bridging the Gap for times and more information at 816-561-1090.

There are several recycling centers that accept the things that can’t be put in your bin.  Those locations are: Metro North Mall, 400 N.W. Barry Road (northwest Parking lot); Metro Shopping Center, 1624 E. 63rd St. (just east of The Paseo); 3 Trails Community Recycling Center, 91st and Hillcrest in old Wal-Mart parking lot; UMKC Community Recycling Center at 48th and Forest, next to American Ice Bldg.  The Environmental Campus location is at 4707 Deramus.

Glass bottles and jars are accepted at all the recycling center locations.


Materials accepted at 3 Trails, UMKC and Metro North Community Recycling Centers include: aluminum foil, athletic shoes, bikes, cell phones, pagers, used clothing, compact fluorescent light bulbs with screw-in base, computers/electronics (TVs (up to 19″ dia.); household batteries, household items (small); packing materials, plastic newspaper sleeves (but no plastic grocery bags); scrap metal; toner/inkjet and cartridges.


Grant Winners Announced


Congratulations to the Curb Appeal Grant winners of 2007:

Carolyn Lidge, $250

Kathie Kerr & David Boehms, $250

James & Donna Lyen, $250

Chad & Rebecca Potter, $250

Larry Roth, $500

John Bozarth, $500


Mark Your Calendars


The 4th annual St. Elizabeth School Casino Night and Auction is set for Saturday, April 12.  Through the generous support of school families, parishioners, community members and businesses, this event has become the school’s largest fundraiser.  Proceeds from the 2008 event will be used to support the technology and Spanish programs. Support the event by attending, making donations, purchasing sponsorships, advertising in the program, sponsoring a page on the event website, or volunteering.

For more information visit the www.StEsCasinoNight.com or call the Casino Night and Auction information hotline at 523-2566.


Police Reports


From the Dec. 18 minutes of the Community Police Action Cooperative (CPAC), it was reported that the police had a suspect in custody who might be linked to the robbery at Chipotle  on Nov. 13. More robberies in December included one involving a person with scissors robbing Sonic and a person with a rifle at closing time robbing Planet Sub at 115 W. 75 St.  In November, there were five robberies, including one occurring in a driveway and the other forcing a resident into the home and robbing them there.


Between Nov. 5 and Nov. 26, there were nine residential and one business burglary at Hathaway Shoes. The burglars cut power lines outside, which disarmed the security system and they were able to get inside.  Most of the burglaries were forced entries.  Sgt. Chris Lance noted the current pattern for robberies were early mornings before 10 a.m.  He encouraged residents to watch for suspicious people in the neighborhood, especially when they are coming and going in the morning. 


Crime reports from CPAC includes Brookside, Morningside, Oak Meyer Gardens, Tower Homes, Ward Parkway Homes, Waldo Homes and Here’s Waldo.  You can find out when CPAC meetings are and attend by calling



Recycle Your Electronics

By Bob Akers


I would wager that every household in the Tower Park area added at least one new electrical product over the holidays. Did you buy a new cell phone, MP3 player, DVD player/recorder, digital camera, computer, monitor, video game, television or other electrical product?


Did you know that ALL consumer electronics contain environmental toxins? In fact, consumer electronics meet regulatory standards to be considered hazardous waste. Your old TV can contain 10 pounds of lead. All consumer electronics contain PBDE, a toxic flame retardant.


Even small items such as PDAs, cell phones and MP3 players, contain measurable amounts of toxins. Your retired electronics should never go out with our trash, they should be properly recycled.


Unfortunately it takes a little effort on the consumer’s part to recycle unwanted electronics. If you are in the habit of recycling your glass (and you should be) at the local Bridging the Gap (BTG) locations in Kansas City, Missouri, you can recycle you electronics at those same locations. The BTG electronics are sent to Surplus Exchange were they are processed. Reusable items are placed in reuse programs; end-of-life items are destroyed. All recycling takes place in the United States.


Items recycled through The Surplus Exchange have a 90-95% recovery rate. The Surplus Exchange hosts community collections with a number of cities throughout the metro and is open to the public for recycling Tuesday – Saturday, 9-5. For more information on eWaste visit: www.SurplusExchange.org. For information on the global impact of eWaste please visit: www.ban.org. Please email me at BobAkers@SurplusExchange.org with any questions.

(Editor’s Note:  We’re happy to have Bob and his family as THA members and Tower Homes residents.)


President’s Message

By Garth Stocking


I muse on what theme to adopt for this newsletter message, and I keep coming back to this: urging you to get involved on some level.  It’s not particularly original, nothing you haven’t heard before.  But you received this newsletter because you chose to make a small investment in your community and in your neighbors.  Why not get the most out of that outlay and enjoy Tower Homes as the neighborly and active group we all want to be a part of? 


Don’t get the message wrong.  We’re not trying to take up your every weekend hour and add another aggravating level of activity to your busy life.  We just want to see you around this new year!  Come to the meetings, held every couple of months at the Waldo library (watch for the signs), maybe see if there is a district slot you could fill (there is), take some note of the community efforts we’re pursuing (see the story on the traffic signal), use Dumpster Day to clean out your house.


One thing I’m really looking forward to is the onset of Spring, when I get to see the bulbs come up that I bought from the THA sale this last Fall.  We also will be doing Yard of the Month awards, which are always fun, and we could see progress on getting rain gardens built in Tower Park—and maybe at your house.


Fertilize that community spirit and grow your involvement with Tower Homes Association. 

Story ideas for Tower Talk? Email kkerr5@kc.rr.com




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