September-October 2006

September-October 2006

Volume 24—Issue 5


Save the Date


THA dumpster day, 8 a.m. till noon (or whenever full), Saturday, Oct. 21, South Broadland Church.  Just another way THA is working for you!


Meet the candidates for 4th District Council person, 10:15 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 11, Waldo Library. 


The Kansas City Police will host meetings to talk about a new efficiency study.  Meetings are: Nov. 7, Baptiste Day School, 5401 E. 103rd:  Nov. 9, St. Paul’s School of Theology, 5123 E. Truman; Nov. 14, Northland Neighborhoods Inc., 5312 NE Chouteau Trwy and Nov. 16, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 11 W. 40th.


Meet the Candidates, Nov. 11

Come and meet the candidates for 4th District City Council person at the next Tower Homes Association meeting, 10:15 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 11 at


Waldo Library.  A most important city position for our neighborhood, the candidate who wins will represent us.  (This is a combined meeting of THA and Waldo Homes Association.)


We welcome candidates Mark Forsythe, Zeke Amador, Mel Solomon and Jan Marcason. This will be an informal gathering in which each candidate will deliver a three-minute introduction and a five-minute presentation on what they feel are important issues for our neighborhood.  After that, we will open the floor up to questions.   Primary election is Feb. 27, 2007 and the top two candidates who advance move on to the general election on March 27.


We checked with the Kansas City Election Board for a complete list of candidates, but the board did not have one as of this newsletter’s deadline.  Candidates’ deadline for filing to enter the race is Nov. 21. 


Fall Dumpster Day is Oct. 21

One of the most popular benefits of being a THA member is dumpster day in which residents can bring their yard waste and certain large item trash for free dumping. 


Two dumpsters will be available for members from 8 a.m. until they are filled –usually about noon — on Saturday, Oct. 21 at the north parking lot of South-Broadland Presbyterian Church, 7850 Holmes. 

We will be checking to make sure your membership is up-to-date, but people can join at that time for only $16 (good only through rest of year), so tell your neighbors. THA will not accept any home appliances or paint in these dumpsters.


This is on a first come, first served basis.  No household hazardous waste.  And, please, so everyone gets an equal opportunity, try to limit your bulky trash items (non-yard waste) to one truckload per member.  If you have any further questions or would like to volunteer, please contract John Bozarth at (816) 822-9009.   Thanks, John, for being our Trash Guy once again!


Curb Appeal Grant Winners


Ten lucky THA members received $100 Curb Appeal Grants when their names were drawn at the September general meeting.   The winners are: John Bozarth & Paul Swope; Amanda Ronk; Susan Buchman; Ronan and Tina Collins; Larry Roth; Linda Trigg; Bobbi Witt; Susie Perkins; Mary Lewis and

Lois Weber.  Projects include landscaping, painting, porch and fence repairs.


THA New Officers

Bring Lots of Talent

Linda Trigg is our new president of THA.  She is a retired educator who has lived in the Rockhill Manor section of THA for 30 years.  For the past year, she has served as District 15 Director and has worked with the City of Kansas City Codes Administration, Neighborhood Preservation and the Police Department to insure our safety, security and retention of private property values.  She’s attended court cases, community area meetings and participated in community discussions regarding these matters.


“As president of THA, I would like to see a more diligent enforcement of codes and preservation violations, more community policing in the form of a renewed neighborhood crime watch program, and continuation of improvements to our neighborhood parks and streets,” said Trigg.

“THA and the four (4) surrounding homes associations are voluntary membership organizations.  As a united group, we have a strong voice in the governance of the city and I will work with these associations in our common causes,” she added.


The new vice president is Angie Lile.  She’s married to Mike Lile and has twin girls,  Maggie and Sophie.  Lile has lived in the Tower Homes Association for four years. Formerly a Traffic Manager at Metro Productions (a Video Production Company at 74th and Wornall), she quit her job to have more time with her family. 


“Since that time I have 

launched a new business (with the help of my husband), I donate my time and resources maintaining the Johnson County Mothers of Multiples website (also with the help of my husband), and I continue to care for my 20 month old daughters,” said Lile.  Lile’s abilities to multi-task and her knowledge of computers and the Internet will be valuable resources to Tower Homes.


“I look forward to meeting and working with more of my neighbors. I have seen a lot of positive changes in this neighborhood and I wish to contribute to those changes. I also live right next to Tower Park and I am anxious to see more positive changes there as well! I welcome any comment, question or concerns. If I don’t know the answers, I will be expedient in finding out the answers!” Lile said.

Returning as secretary is Robin Jackson.  Everyone knows her as the friendliest person in THA and the one we count on to find grant money for THA to fund its many neighborhood projects.  She’s married to Rob Jackson and mom of Jayme and April.

Taking on the responsibilities of treasurer once again is Jeff Highfill.  His accounting background and strategic planning and budgeting help is a luxury we have grown accustomed to.


Past Officers Get

A Thank You

Thanks to Larry Roth who was our THA president this past year and Dale Crandell who served as vice president.  Under these two’s leadership, THA investigated and accepted an outside firm to help with day-to-day association work, a major milestone in our THA history.  Crandell will also be known as an expert coordinator and organizer of our neighborhood yard sale weekends.  Thank you both for laying a foundation for the future of THA.



On Sept. 16 THA, Waldo Homes, Here’s Waldo, Rockhill Gardens, and Ward Parkway Homes joined to promote the advantages of home association membership.  It was a beautiful, though blustery day, and we had lots of people stop by to visit.  THA gained a new family membership.  These joint efforts with other associations are particularly rewarding as we get to know each other in working together for the benefit of living in Waldo.  Thanks to all who worked and came by.—By Marty Hatten.  (Thanks to Marty for organizing this each year and to Linda Trigg.)


Waldo Coffee Cup Brews Up Something Good for Neighborhood

In the short month or so that Waldo Coffee Cup has been opened at 7408 Wornall Road, it’s already proven itself a hit with the neighborhood.  Beautifully appointed inside and out with comfortable chairs, tables that sit 25 inside, and a rarity in Waldo—an outside deck—complete with grilling capabilities—make this a must-see. 


Owner Bob Reynolds invites Tower Home Association members to come in and mention this article and receive 10% off of non-specialty coffee drinks. 


Even for runners and dogs, Bob has made his business neighborhood friendly, leaving a big water dish out on the sidewalk for our canine friends and a dispenser of cold water for joggers and walkers.  But the best part about Waldo Coffee Cup is its long list of coffee drinks, specialty drinks and pastries, made fresh onsite by pastry chef Amy Rathbone.  In addition to scones, biscotti, muffins and other goodies, the signature sweet is Hummingbird Cake.


Bob is ecstatic over his new place of business.  “This is a place built for the neighborhood that I love,” he said.  “It’s a great location and we are so happy to be here.”  Almost everybody who works at the Waldo Coffee Cup either live in Waldo or Brookside.  Bob is a retired clothier who’s worked in or owned stores in Kansas City, Miami and Dallas.  Born in Kansas City at St. Luke’s, he grew up in Prairie Village, but remembers hanging out at the old Waldo Theater.


On the walls at the coffee shop, Bob proudly displays record awards from his famous son, Robert Reynolds, who was a founding member of the Grammy-winning band, the Mavericks, and who was married to Trisha Yearwood for many years.  Bob is proud of all seven of his grown children. 



Bob likes to point out that his coffee shop is special because it’s not “corporate.”  “There is no automatic anything in here when it comes to making a fine cup of coffee.  Everything is done by hand by the most experienced staff of barristers in Kansas City.” 


He might be right.  Between manager Pat Collins, barristers Erin Tegeler, Colleen Wolfe and Shannon Hanson, they probably have a combination of more than 25 years in the coffee business.  They serve Wild Horse Creek Coffee from St. Louis.


Erin, who hails from the coffee capital of the country, Seattle, says there is something that makes a good coffee house stand out from the others.  “People who work here actually love the taste of coffee and they get excited about making that perfect cup each time,” she said.

Erin gave us a demonstration on how to make a perfect espresso.  Making a great espresso is truly an art as well as a science.  “It starts off with the right bean, roasted to perfection, and ground to just the right consistency.  You also have to have just the right amount in the basket,” she said, demonstrating that it has to come right up to the rim of the basket.  Then it’s firmly tapped down to create enough resistance for the water to be forced through it.   Only one espresso can be made at a time and the portion must be carefully monitored because brewing too much with too much water will make the coffee bitter. 


It should take no more than 20 to 25 seconds to make an espresso, so the barrister has to stay focused and work fast, Erin says. Longer than that reduces the amount of flavorful coffee oils and the thick crema that traps the oils and contributes to the flavor will be a uniform pale beige instead of properly thick, amber and layered with pale and dark colors.


The name espresso, loosely translated, means a cup of coffee brewed expressly for you.   And, at Waldo Coffee Cup, each cup is made expressly for you, which means it might take a little longer, but it’s worth it.


We live in a neighborhood with several independently operated coffee shops, including Café Apertare at 7428 Washington, Makiatos at Gregory and Oak and our good friend, Martha Pruitt at Oak Street Coffee Shop at 6221 Oak Street, who is on our Tower Homes Discount Card and serves up mouth-watering meals and delicious coffees.  (KK)

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