December 7, 2011

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

7:00 PM   707 E. Gregory (Home of Safia Grey)

Elizabeth Barker, presiding

Touching Base – Old Business

  1. 2012 Membership Mailing logistics, timing

Angie has always done the mailing list, and pretty much has all the responsibility and access to the website.  Mike is the only one who can access the database.  Hope for January mailing.  Next year, start everything three months earlier.   Annually invite membership to volunteer, give feedback.

  1. Discount cards

May want to swap out lesser-used merchants to make room for new ones.  Don’t want to hurt anyone by removing them.  Maybe a larger folding card would have room for all.

Action Item: Garth, Angie, Mike and Mary will get meet to discuss the database going into the 2011 Membership Drive

  1. Curb Appeal Grants pending for 2011 (Chad)

2010 winners have yet to submit for reimbursement.  For next year may reduce from 2 @ $500 and 4 @ $250.  Patrick moved we reduce to 1 @ $500 and 2 @ $250.  Used to get $1,000 from city, but not now.  Or 4 @ $250.  Marty suggested gift cards donated by Soil Service or Sutherland’s, but with those we would lose control over how it is spent.  Half in spring and half in fall?  Have other things going on at the meetings where curb appeal grants are given out (which have a large attendance) so people are inspired to come back.  Josh moved: $1,000 for curb appeal grants (4 @ $250).  Members will need to bring the form from newsletter or website to the meeting.  Members must bring one of those forms or fill it out at the meeting.  Must be a member and must be present to win. John seconded.  Motion passed.

Action Item: Patrick will add the curb appeal application form to the membership mailing to try to entice membership.

  1. Website Updates- See above.
  1. Programming / Partnership opportunities with surrounding neighborhoods (Elizabeth)  See below.

New Businesses

  1. 2012 Priorities brainstorming exercise: each board member write down two things that should be priorities for 2012.

6 votes for membership

3 for social meetings

2 safety

2 communication

1 social media

1 try different things – joint meeting with Waldo Homes Association, etc

1 increase participation

1 community gardens  (at empty schools?)

1 neighborhood beautification or cleanup

1 cross-training among board members

1 hazardous waste collection

1 provide benefits to our membership

  1. Discussion / development of Membership Campaign, door-to-door introduction to THA

When going door-to-door, invite neighbors to the May Day festivities and also discuss benefits of membership with THA.  People open their door when you take your dog along.

  1. Establish 2012 meetings & events calendar, including communication schedule. May join forces with Waldo Homes for at least one meeting in 2012.  They meet Saturdays in the winter and Tuesday evenings in the summer (we will need somewhere else to meet if evening, as library closes at 8:00 PM).  They had to change their bylaws to meet other than Sat.  Meet together once in July 2012.  (Tuesday 17 July.)  Maybe join forces for hazardous waste collection (ABOP).  Could do same with dumpster day, but might be too many people.  Or maybe cross-promote each other’s events.  Marlborough maybe too.  Don’t want to lose autonomy of individual groups.  Waldo Homes doesn’t have speakers at general meetings, just committee reports and they have twice the attendance we do.
  1. Sutherlands buying Bingham school?  No action so far. The property is now listed with a commercial real estate firm. Whole Foods toured, but doesn’t like the site.
  1. Stephanie moved, Garth seconded, and passed: Budget $250 annually for gift cards to neighborhood businesses to be raffled off at meetings. This may encourage better attendance at general meetings.
  1. Possible themes for future meetings – environmental, canine, good citizenship, trail walk, health care reform, fitness (yoga, gyms, chiropractor).  Yoga in Tower Park?
  1. Need permit and insurance for events in park, as well as Director and Officer Insurance.  Small fee for park permit, possibly might be waived for group like ours.  Insurance is not insignificant.  Marti Lee at Southtown might be a resource.  Elizabeth, Safia and Theresa will look into this.
  1. $16,000 in savings – we should save some, but spend some.  Hire someone to write grants?  Hard to get grants when you’re not a 501(c)3.  Next board meeting bring ideas to use savings. Ideally, we would still maintain at least one year’s operating expenses, but use some amount for a project with high leverage of resources, with high visibility.
  1. Block parties – Marty reflected that block parties used to occur more often and can promote neighborhood camaraderie. Many hold them in conjunction with National Night Out (August).
  1. Calendar – General meetings in 2012 – generally 2nd Saturdays

Jan 14 – General Meeting

March 10 – General Meeting (Curb appeal grants)

Cinco de Mayo in the park

July 17 (Tuesday) Joint event with Waldo Homes

September 8 – General Meeting (elections)

November 10 – General Meting

  1. Dumpster day – last Saturday in Oct, Apr
  2. Fall festival
  3. Board meetings dates 2nd Thursdays of alternating months (between general meetings)

Adjourn 9:15 PM.


Elizabeth Barker

Safia  Gray – will host board meeting in Dec 2012

Patrick Allen

John Bozarth – will host board meeting in June 2012

Garth Stocking

Theresa Van Winkle – will host board meeting in Feb 2012

Stephanie Hemberger – will host board meeting in April 2012

Josh Hemberger

Mary Cary

Marty Hatten

Chad Potter

Cassi Neff

Not attending

Kurtis Marinez

Angie Lile

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