April 20, 2008


Meeting Minutes April 20, 2008


A special meeting of the Tower Home Association was called to order at 6:15 PM April 20, 2008 by Garth Stocking. The meeting was held in Tower Park.

C. Open Issues

Chad Potter has been working on the proposed rain gardens in Tower Park.

A motion was made by Garth Stocking, Marti moved and Kathie seconded, that a new committee be set up as the “Tower Park Committee”. Kurtis Marinez will be in charge. He will get with the Kansas City Police Department, KC Water Department, Parks Department to check on loud music as well as working on the water issues and potholes around the park.

Kurtis also reported that the Left turn traffic light at 75th and Holmes seams to only be working at rush hours times. The city does not support this light despite the numerous accident reports that have been reported to them. This is being pursued.

Rockhill Manor, approximately 50 homes, has approached Tower Homes Association re a merger of associations. We are looking into this and more information will follow.

Yahoo group: This internet site is not administered by Tower Homes Association because of liability issues. It was mentioned that the site should not be used as advertising but Tower Homes Association does have control over this usage.

Website” Angie said that only 9 people responded to the poll re web streaming. We think that, because the website was stagnant for many months, people are not logging in. We are advertising the site in the paper copy of the Home Association news so this should gradually change. Angie will put together a poll re email sign-up on the Tower Homes Association website.

John Bozarth confirmed that Dumpster Day will be 05/10/2008. We will have 4 dumpsters. John is also getting with Detective Brown from the Kansas City Police Department to patrol Tower Park over July 4th.

The group walked around the park to look at the potential rain garden areas. The consensus was that the middle area along 75th St was probably the best but an area by the ball park, near the Tower was also an area of interest.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 PM by Garth Stocking.

Minutes submitted by: Betsy Bunce

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