November 12, 2011

Tower Homes Association General Meeting

Saturday, 12 November 2011

10:00 AM Waldo Library

Elizabeth Barker, presiding

  1. Judy Rix – Keystone Speakers Bureau – sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints

Serving the Community: 3 Step Program

1. Define Needs

Get ideas from


Community Leaders

Community Members

Distinguish needs from symptoms – homelessness may be a symptom of lack of jobs

Better to fence off cliff than to send ambulance every time someone falls off; combat gangs

by strengthening families (family nights, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families)

2. Match assets to needs

Not always money that’s needed

Can offer service to get what you want

What are your assets? Youth with muscles and energy? Congenial space for meeting?

People with rich experience? Choir for fundraiser? Expertise in media relations?

3. Action plans

Join forces with other people, businesses

More resources, more fun

(ex: combined choirs for fundraiser)

Other groups may already be working at what you want to do – join with them

Purpose plus fun makes a great combination


  1. Marty Lee – Southtown Council and Waldo Area Business Association and Brookside

Business Association

Focus on a different area each year

Publish newsletter, business directory, attract and retain businesses

Small business Saturday to follow Black Friday

To attract good new businesses, must support good businesses already present

A few of the good businesses already on Troost:

Mad Jack’s – really good seafood raw or cooked


Soil Service

Community Improvement Districts: Property owners band together to get special


Brookside: have half-cent sales tax and business owners pay based on square footage

Provide security, dumpster coordination, snow removal, etc

Waldo: 10 AM – 10 PM guys on bikes, trash cleanup, pub crawls, gateways,

holiday decorations

Southerland’s wants to buy old middle school

Taco Factory shut down to retool and expand menu

Farmer’s Market will be inside ReStore on Waldo Wednesdays through the winter

Being divided up in multiple districts is a good thing – more city council people are on your

side (have to look on positive side)

City and County government are great now.

2nd Tuesday of the month at her office

Southtown working on CID for Troost Ave

Southwest High School

Hogan High School across from the Landing – all graduating seniors accepted to college,

85 % graduate


  1. Chris Robb with Edward Jones – 75th and Washington above Kennedy’s

Financial Planning Pointers

Reasons for financial planning:

Save for retirement or college

Protect what you have

Set up to pass assets on to heirs

No charge to meet with you, and seminars are available

Maybe start coffee clubs to chat about what’s going on in the markets

Long-term investing – need to plan to live to 85 or 90 yrs old with inflation

Risk tolerance – must be comfortable for the individual investor

Have a plan and stick with it – there will sometimes be turbulence. Don’t panic. Can’t time

market – don’t want to miss the really good days that come right after really bad days.


  1. Dumpster Day a big success
  2. Sunday 2:30 PM: Dr Green will put on presentation on the School District.
  3. Monday night small businesses meeting at the Well



About 10 people in attendance.




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