June 14, 2012

Tower Homes Association Board Meeting

Thursday, 14 June 2012

7:30 PM 617 E 77th Street

Elizabeth Barker, presiding

New resident Catherine Dobson joined us.


Cinco de Mayo in Tower Park

Garth provided awesome street tacos

Band – Patrick’s friends Three Orange Whips

Alpacas skittish. Want other animals in the future? Had approx. 120 people come.


Membership number as of now: 365 (compared with 370 total in 2011)

Garth suggested that maybe should commit to just one post card mailing per year because of expense.

Currently we have about $11,000 in the THA savings account. Maybe we should keep half in reserve and do a big $5,000 project such as:


Tower Homes signs or banners at major intersections

Tower Homes signs or banners on light poles and in park

Colored lights on tower for holidays (year-round white lights are included in the plan for renovation of the tower)

Sidewalk replace / repair (expensive)

Plant trees


John – tower park security:

Crime low over last three months

Most crime is shoplifting

4th of July is on a Wednesday – last year THA spent $1,130 on park security over that holiday


July general meeting joint with Waldo Homes Association 17th at 6:30 at Kansas City Academy

Candidates for Jason Kander’s spot Jeremy LeFavor and Chris Miller will speak.

Ravin Graham of Community Improvement District will give updates about Waldo area businesses


Community Improvement pays for printing of newsletter; we pay postage.


Waldo Homes has presence at farmer’s market on Waldo Wednesdays (3rd Wednesday of month); we will do the same.


John proposed a Gift certificate for Robin Jackson, former active board member, who is moving away.

$25 Governor Stumpy’s

Elizabeth seconded. Motion carried.


Might be a good idea to contact former board members for ideas / help with meetings or projects

Might want to recognize long-time residents of neighborhood


Election of officers in September. New blood would be nice.

Think of potential nominees


Adjourned about 8:45 PM.


in attendance

John Bozarth

Patrick Allen

Elizabeth Barker

Chad Potter

Mary Cary

Garth Stocking

Cassi Neff

visitor Catherine Dobson


Not present

Jeff Highfill

Kurtis Marinez

Angie Lile

Marty Hatten

Stephanie Hemberger

Josh Hemberger

Theresa Van Winkle

Saphia Grey

Deb Ridgeway

Michelle Bailey


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