July 17, 2012

Tower Homes Association General Meeting Joint with Waldo Homes Association

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

6:30 PM Kansas City Academy

Simon Moeller and Elizabeth Barker presiding

6:30 Meet and Greet

7:00 Introductions

Jeremy LaFaver: Democrat running for state representative in district 25. 75th and Grand. Wife is nurse practitioner, 8-month-old

American Red Cross in college

Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan – preventive health and grant writing

Has lived all over US. Experience in research and legislative writing on public policy. Passion is kids’ issues. CASA volunteer. Schools important for kids, families and businesses. Likes part of the idea of mayor taking over KC school district. Problem is mayor is elected by people not in school d istrict. Reduce school board to 7 at-large members.


Sally Miller: Republican running for state rep in dist 25. Lost to Jason Kander in 2010.

Wellesly College

St Louis 5 yrs, KC 15. 5 kids. Has been teacher, in retail, in health care. 6th Ward committeewoman.

Husband cardio surgeon, now in army reserves, on way to active service in Afghanistan.

Concerns: need lower taxes; schools are a tragedy; neighborhoods need to be safer.


Joshua Judy: Grew up in KC. MU (degree in forestry). Now works in business on Plaza. Wants to be involved in gov’t: knows small business, gov’t in Jefferson City and Topeka. Need businesses in city providing jobs. Streamlining businesses would cut costs. Legislature should not overturn popular election (such as with puppy-mill bill).


Sean Hennessey: Water Services re Issue 2 for additional money for water bonds

Combined sewer (storm and sanitary sewers in one pipe) area in center of city and separated sewers north of the river all have overflow problems. Currently rate increases are planned (15% first year, then 13% per year over 6 years, then about cost of living increases – about 3% per year), but they will be significantly higher without bonds. City’s web site shows plans. KC very fortunate to get 25 year plan from feds.


John Sharp: City Councilman of 6th district

Ballot issues good for city; he voted for them. Sales tax spreads tax burden to visitors and workers. Minimum 7.5% will be directed to street maintenance.


Ravin Graham: Waldo Area Business Association

Community Improvement District: retailers each pay so much, plus extra ½ % sales tax. Budget around $400,000. Pays for: Bike patrol 10 – 10 every day. Maintenance crew picking up trash 8 hrs / day. Waldo Wednesdays – businesses have specials. Other events: event reimbursement (businesses can get 50% up to $1,000). Facade rebate coming. Sweepstakes: $100 in Waldo bucks. Fall festival (10 – 5, 22 Sept. 2012). Pub crawl. Come to them for items for New Neighbor bags. They keep in touch with police to pass info along.


Dave Mecklenberg: Parks and Recreation Board of Commissioners

Proposed tax plan on ballot is adaptable and includes green solutions. Part of Mayor’s pledge to simplify tax structure: going from 4 taxes to 1 tax. Parks have had budget cuts 8 of the last 10 years; if the new plan passes they will be in better shape than last year.


End of formal meeting: 8:05 PM Many speakers stayed to answer questions individually.

20-25 in attendance

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