Can anyone attend WTHA meetings?

Waldo Tower Homes Association does have general meetings that are open to the public, usually every other month on the second Saturday of the month.  Meetings are held at the Waldo Public Library, located at 75th and McGee.

WTHA general meetings are a great way to get to know your neighbors and your WTHA volunteers. Board Members are encouraged to attend our meetings and to make themselves available for questions if need be.

Meetings start about 10:15am after the library has had a chance to open their doors and the volunteers have had a chance to set up the refreshments.  All meetings include a general agenda and a list of interesting speakers that our President has arranged to come and speak. These speakers include (but are not limited to) political representatives, law enforcement representatives, home energy demonstrations, local non-profit informational speakers, etc.

If you would like to come and speak at one of our General Meetings, please contact us.

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