September 8, 2012

Tower Homes Association General Meeting

Saturday, 8 September 201

10:00 AM Waldo Library

Elizabeth (Barker) Hollins presiding


There were no nominations from the floor, and the following were elected without dissent.

President: Elizabeth Hollins

Vice President: Kurtis Marinez

Treasurer: Jeff Highfill

Secretary: Cassi Neff

Collaboration with Waldo Homes: Simon Moeller

Founded in 1991, 900 homes, along our southern border. Makes sense for our organizations to work together. Founded in reaction to serial arsonist. South Oak Park and Trolly Trail are special interests. Website:

Possibility of merging with us:


Share volunteers

Joint meetings have more attendees for speakers

Economies of scale


Two organizations may have twice as much clout with city hall as one.

Smaller interests may tend to get lost in a larger organization


New Resident Outreach

Welcome bags available from Southtown Council; resdients need to let us know when someone moves in.


7801 Holmes owner David Perrin (913-269-1425)

Formerly Jewish Geriatric facility; mostly empty since 2004 – daycare currently in former home of director of nursing. has pictures of facility

4 acres of grounds, neighbors are welcome to walk dogs, etc (if anyone is there and sees anything suspicious going on, please call police)

Charter school might be a possibility, assisted living, adult training center by Veterans of Foreign Wars (training on performing weatherization, for example)

City requires neighborhood consent to change use of property


Priority setting: break into smaller groups for discussion. Some topics mentioned:

1.)    Link info/recommendations about troubled/dilapidated properties (311, land trust lookup, Jackson County Ascend ownership lookup, Legal Aid of Western Missouri’s assistance for neighborhoods)

2.)    Keep open to “big” projects such as sidewalks, billboards

3.)    Safety, education, and beautification mean the most to us

4.)    Have a meeting on a monthly basis so that people don’t forget about the meetings

5.)    Have a joint meeting with Waldo Homes every few months

6.)    Sidewalk improvements


Future meeting topics:

1.)    Options for aging sidewalks (City charter statement, assessment process, contract process. Etc)

2.)    What to do about a problem property

3.)    To encourage greater attendance at general meetings, offer one curb appeal grant at each general meeting or have a doorprize (which local businesses might donate)

personally invite neighbors to meetings or offer a ride

require members to attend a meeting to pick up their discount cards

include info on meetings in new neighbor bags


Meeting adjourned: 11:15 AM


Attendance: about 20 including the following board members


Elizabeth Hollins

Safia Gray

Garth Stocking

Marty Hatten

Mary Cary

Jeff Highfill

Michelle Bailey

Chad Potter

Cassi Neff

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