October 11, 2012

Tower Homes Association Board Meeting

Thursday, 11 October 2012

7:00 PM 7517 Holmes

Elizabeth Barker Hollins, presiding

1.)  Introductions of new board members

Elizabeth – in neighborhood almost 5 yrs, 3rd year as board president – background in neighborhood planning.

Josh – since 2009 both neighborhood and board. Architect.

John – 17 yrs, past president, dumpster days, garden tours? Environmental scientist.

Kurtis – board since 2008, got left turn signal at 75th and Holmes. Waldo Tower Historic society – preservation work will start in the spring.

Marty – on the board since 1984; was on Nuisance committee.

Karol – since 1944, parents were very active in Tower Homes Assoc. Moved back to KC in 1995.

Cassi – since 2008, on board two years. Likes neighbors working together.

Catherine – moved in this year, immediately joined assiciation. Worked for chamber of commerce.

Safia – 1993 moved to neighborhood, joined association to get curb appeal grant, worked on web site, hosts Christmas board meeting, helps with many things.

Jeff – 2000, immediately became treasurer. HR person. CPA in former life.

2.)  Financials:

Total revenue close to $9,200.

Nearly $14k in savings.

Membership about 360. Not required to be homeowners or even geographic residents.

We have overspent by about $700.

We spent about $1,000 on movie night


3.)  Collaboration with Waldo Homes

Waldo Homes board wants to merge with us. Membership split. Will co-host at least four meetings with us in 2013. Maybe they will join us on discount cards and dumpster days. Their banner costs are near $1,000 / yr. We are not merging financially in 2013. They have around 140 members; their geographic area is quite a bit smaller than ours. Their board:

Simon Moeller

Colleen Durkin

Connie Ferro

Sam Seagraves

Possible topics for joint meetings, maybe somebody from our group and theirs on each topic:

Trolly trail safety and maintenance

Parks safety and maintenance

Dilapidated properties

Crime and neighborhood safety

Sidewalks (does someone maintain a sidewalk inventory?)

Sidewalk, curb and driveway could be $3,000. Replacing a few heaved sections was about $600.


4.)  Setting the 2013 calendar/priorities

Keep with meetings every other month? Yes. We will go ahead and book the library for the second Saturday for 2013. Maybe try a meeting during the week in July? Thursday?

November meeting – local author

Would we like to sit in a circle?

Maybe it having politicians speak would be a draw at meetings.

Partner with a different homes association for each annual picnic?


5.)  New Business

a.)  Community Improvement Planning/Collaboration (Josh Hemberger)

It would be great to get the larger community to come together for such things as:

tennis courts

pocket parks along trolley trail

Marti Lee of Community Improvement Districts would be a good resource

Marlborough neighborhood is doing some good work getting mayoral candidates / new mayor to come see conditions (illegal dumping in the middle of the street, for example)

b.)  Other

Last saturday of Oct for dumpster day – send reminder email. Must be active member; can join for $30 for the rest of this year and next year.

CPAC – murders high in KC compared to St Louis – partly has to do with how crime is reported.

Adjourned about 9:00 PM.

Board members      in attendance

Elizabeth Hollins           x

Kurtis Marinez               x

Jeff Highfill                     x

Cassi Neff                         x

Charlotte McCloskey

Garth Stocking

Karol O’Brien                   x

Marty Hatten                   x

Chad Potter

Catherine Dobson           x

Saphia Gray                      x

Mary Cary

Josh Hemberger             x

Angie Lile

Teresa Bolton

Michelle Bailey

John Bozarth                   x

Patrick Allen


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