10 November 2012

Tower Homes Association General Meeting

Saturday, 10 November 2012

10:00 AM Waldo Librar

Elizabeth Barker Hollins, presiding

1.) Jennifer Crump, Detective, Property Crimes Division, KC Police Department

       7601 Prospect

       Write down serial numbers of electronic property – can be recovered from pawn shops.

        Apply own marking to items with no serial number.

        Ensure doors and windows locked

        Let neighbors know when you’ll be gone and how to reach you.

        If someone comes to the door, yell that you’re busy so they know someone’s home.

        Call the police if anything seems suspicious.

  1. LaDene Morton, The Waldo Story: The Home of Friendly MerchantsInterested in how communities work, especially businesses.

    Dr. David Waldo b. 1802 Clarksburg VA, d 1878 Independence MO

    Came here, bought 1000 acres here, 1000 more acres in KC area. Had homestead to support Santa Fe trail.

    1878 rail line along what later became the trolly track

    1895 selling land for development; racetrack at 75th and Holmes (gone by turn of century)

    1919 Waldo water tower in tower park built, now on AWWA list of historic places. Decommissioned in 1930s. 1967 or 1968 young man fell inside it to his death, not found for some time.

    Big housing boom in 1920s. 1929 Romanelli shops built. Depression stopped development from progressing farther south at that time; after WW II development focused on Johnson county.

    Streetcars: Never made money – always subsidized. Stopped in 1957. Still ran freight into 1960s. At one point planned 6 lane highway where trolly line had been, but locals brought suit and highway was built where Bruce R. Watkins Highway is now.

    Kiddieland: amusement park at 85th and Wornall.


Bingham School – Hen House withdrew their bid. Will hear from school district soon about next step; they plan to check back with other two bidders who had bid at least appraisal amount: Walmart Neighborhood Market and grocery store development (maybe like HyVee development at 79th and State Line).

About 22 people in attendance.

Adjourned about 11:20 AM.

Board members in attendance

Elizabeth Hollins x

Kurtis Marinez

Jeff Highfill

Cassi Neff x

Charlotte McCloskey x

Garth Stocking

Karol O’Brien

Marty Hatten x

Chad Potter

Catherine Dobson

Saphia Gray

Mary Cary x

Josh Hemberger x

Angie Lile

Teresa Bolton

Michelle Bailey

John Bozarth

Patrick Allen

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