June 25, 2008

Meeting Minutes June 25, 2008


The meeting of the Tower Home Association was called to order at 7:00 PM 20, 2008 by Garth Stocking. The meeting was held at Angie Lile’s house.
In attendance were: Garth Stocking, Angie Lile, Betsy Bunce, Kathie Kerr, Larry Roth, Michelle Bailey, Chad Potter and Mary Lewis.

Chad Potter reported that the rain garden in Tower Park needs to be weeded and remulched. The Park Department needs to water. It was suggested that we get a local scout troop to volunteer to help with the weeding. A $25 gift certificate was given to Chad Potter for his time and effort with the rain garden.
Water problems were discussed. David Clayton has been issuing his concerns downtown. Do we want to partner up?

Kathie Kerr said that we need to focus on one issue and she feels that code violations are most important.

The next general meeting will be September 13, 2008. We will try to get the Water Department to the meeting.

The next board meeting will be August 20, 2008 at Kathie Kerr’s house. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM.

The Movie in the Park will be August 8, 2008 starting at dusk. Advertising is available before the movie starts. We discussed charging for advertising to help pay for the cost of the movie. Angie will contact local business owners. The movie is Princess Bride. Kathie will look into a popcorn machine. Angie mentioned that we can also have a table available for voter registration. Kathie will look into advertising on the radio stations and the Pitch.

We discussed an End of Summer Celebration either around September 20th or early October. Southtown Council wants us to partner for Police Appreciation at Tower Park. Garth Stocking will speak to Marti at Southtown Council.

John Bozarth can get 2 off duty detectives for $800.00 for July 4, 2008 at Tower Park. Angie Lile motioned that we approved this expenditure and it was seconded by Larry Roth

John Bozarth also mentioned that several No Parking signs at the park have been stolen. There was a camera in a tree but it is no longer there. It was suggested that a camera would be a good way to record license plates. Garth will email Marci Jones re motion detection camera. There are also no stripes for parking and it would be good to have this done. Kurtis Marinez spoke with Roger Ainsworth re signage but nothing new to report. Garth Stocking will draft a letter to Marci Jones at the Parks Department.

Kathie Kerr advised that the Yard of the Month awards came to $150 ($50 per yard) and Garth Stocking will sign off on this.

Kathie Kerr said that the newsletter is taking a little longer that usual this for July-August.

Larry Roth reported that the yard sale was a success as was the free-for-all.

Membership figures are unknown as there was no representation from HOAS at the meeting.

Affinity Signs held a meeting on June 18, 2008 regarding the proposed CVS sign at 75th and Wornall The proposed sign would raise the height of the existing sign by 3.8 feet.

Angie Lile mentioned that the Police Department is hold a Block Watch training program. Each block would have a block captain and free signs would be available. We will consider this for 2009.

The meeting was adjourned by Garth Stocking at 9:00 PM..

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