20 February 2013

Tower Homes Association Board Meeting

Thursday, 20 February 2013

7:00 PM

520 W 75th Street

Elizabeth Hollis presiding

Colleen and Connie of Waldo Homes Association: Not sure they want to give up their identity, but no one new is willing to be an officer. They will go in with us the discount cards. Talked about WalMart (20 in attendance at their meeting) – no one is in favor. Don’t like hours, light and noise pollution, but what else could go there? Beergarden leasing former Babyland store.

There is also a new beer garden at Gregory and Rockhill.

Kurtis: Tower restoration. Recommended for $200k for 2013, which will cover a new roof, all design fees, door on back, bird screens. Want to have ceremony when work starts, probably March or April. Angie: approach news station to put Waldo cam on top?

List of 311 calls from our area – publicize? Pick a few to focus on. Angie: interesting to overlay on membership map. We are 14th highest area for number of calls.

John: Dumpster Day: Last Saturday of May (4 we pay for plus 2 Waldo Homes will pay for @ $60). 8:00 am to full.

Elizabeth: We need to get out our membership invoice. Usually include newsletter, but Patrick has just had a baby and is moving and new board member Michelle who was interested has not come to board meetings. Smaller mailing? With letter detailing past and future Homes Association benefits. If it looks like an invoice rather than an appeal, people are more likely to pay. Electronic invoices?

Angie: Neighborhood Community Improvement Districts are possible. The Waldo CID has an additional sales tax to pay for trash pickup, etc. Cost $40,000 to set up Waldo CID.

Marty: Waldo Southtown business association. Networking events coming up at library and Taste of Southtown ($10).

Chad: Curb appeal grants. They will be administered as they were last year.

Jeff: During 2012 we spent $850 more than brought in. Still have $13,000 in savings. We haven’t been filing tax returns, but Jeff sent in documents in late 2012. We are “administratively dissolved” as a corporation in MO, but Jeff is working on getting us back in compliance.

Next board meeting 3rd Thursday in April (the 18th). John Bozarth will host.

Saturday 4 May for Picnic – Zoomobile will be there.

Bingham and WalMart. Josh and John – They have been in contact with Shannon and Nicole from the school district repurposing committee. Trying to get a feeling for whether neighborhood for or against WalMart. Will meet with Peggy from WABA, somebody from WalMart and WalMart’s architect. Demands: aesthetic appeal (like Waldo Pizza), not just big box like Firestone. Not taller than adjacent structures. Sustainable building (LEED Silver rating). Parking lot plantings. Full cut-off sight lighting to illuminate parking lot but not beyond. Clean brush from trolly trail. If vacate must sell or demolish structure. Maintain grounds and soccer field year round. Stay under their proposed 40,000 sqare feet (HyVee at 77th and State Line is 50,000). Organic grocery and food from local farmers. No added runoff. Changes must be approved by community.

We are trying to get the best proposal we can, which will then be brought before our group for approval. WalMart hopes for early April meeting with community. If main entrance is from 77th Terrace, wouldn’t need new cut of Trolly Trail. If they do cut at 77th St, must have trail bridge over it.

Some would still like ball fields and community center but the bid for that was $760,000 and School District needed a minimum bid of $3,200,000.

At our board’s April meeting we can formulate our letter of response.

Adjourned about 8:55 PM.

Board members in attendance

Elizabeth Hollins x

Kurtis Marinez x

Jeff Highfill x

Cassi Neff x

Charlotte McCloskey x

Garth Stocking x

Karol O’Brien x

Marty Hatten x

Chad Potter x

Catherine Dobson x

Saphia Gray

Mary Cary

Josh Hemberger x

Angie Lile x

Teresa Bolton

Michelle Bailey

John Bozarth x

Patrick Allen

Colleen and Connie of Waldo Homes x


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