9 March 2013

Tower Homes Association and Waldo Homes Association combined General Meeting

Saturday, 9 March 2013

10:00 AM  Waldo Library

Elizabeth Hollins, presiding

1.Stony Crest Farm – Urban farming and Waldo Farmers Market
May 1st Waldo Farmers Market opening day for the season – Wednesdays 3 to 7 PM May through September in front of ReStore
Roger Kubee 87th and Brooklyn, grow veggies year round – now also mushrooms
USDA certified organic farm
Integrated pest management: choose pest-resistant plants, companion planting, mechanical (squash bugs), time plantings
Grow cold-tolerant veggies all winter in the soil in unheated greenhouses
Melissa Saubers (mayor of Waldo) talked to them about starting Waldo Farmer’s market
Part of all proceeds goes to suppport Habitat for Humanity
Kid-friendly market
Everything is naturally grown – meets standards of KC Food Circle
Meat, flowers, seasonal vegetables, eggs, honey, bread
Local growers mean fresher produce and local spending.  Each dollar spent with them gets spent an average of 6 times in the neighborhood.

2.April ballot initiatives: Progress KC supports voting Yes on Questions 1 and 2 and No on Question 3.
Question 1: Vote yes to continue existing property tax levy to provide healthcare (including ambulance service) to all regardless of ability to pay, the best care available anywhere.
816-213-2862 – Alex’s cell – call with stories of free healthcare in KC
Health care administrator Jim Nunnelly
Audience questions:
1.  Timing – why bring this up two years before regular 9 year cycle?  A: To make it easier to plan for the future.
2.  Payment of executives high?  A: Can’t discuss, but they are able people doing well.

Question 2: Vote yes on expanding convention tax (in place since 1954) to previously exempt organizations (nonprofits). Other cities do not exempt them.  Money goes to support convention center and Neighborhood Tourism Development Funds.
City Councilman Scott Taylor – 816-835-7041 (personal cell), call any time

Question 3: Vote no to allow proposed National Nuclear Safety Administration facility in South Kansas City to benefit from business incentives.
Passage of Question 3 will make KC less safe and drive away jobs.
Albequerque said to be sending agitators to get KC to vote Yes to drive jobs to Albequerque
KC needs both the high tech engineering jobs and the manufacturing jobs provided by this plant.  The presence of the plant will also encourage the presence of suppliers.
EE Keenan: Labor advocate

Bingham school update – Josh Hemberger
In conversation with repurposing group
Neighborhood split for and against WalMart grocery moving in
Josh will be meeting next week with executives, will lay out the following:
Building should be esthetically pleasing, not big-box store
Not taller than adjacent structures to North
Sustainable facility
Parking lot should  have plantings around and through
Exterior lighting should not wash adjacent neighborhood or sky
Clean up site along trolly trail
If they vacate the site, sell or demolish building within 6 months, with school district getting first refusal
Provide architect’s renderings throughout process
Maintain soccer field
Keep building under 43,000 square feet (like HyVee)
Minimize effect on Trolly Trail
Capture storm water

Already agreed to:
Operating hours 6 to midnight
Trucks enter from north
Keep soccer field

Big question: how will customer traffic enter?

Other announcements:
Waldo Homes will have a work day in support of the butterfly garden in South Oak Park (Simon of Waldo Homes)
Curb appeal grants postponed to May picnic

About 20 people in attendance

Adjourned about 11:50 AM.

Board members            in attendance
Elizabeth Hollins                   x
Kurtis Marinez
Jeff Highfill
Cassi Neff                               x
Charlotte McCloskey
Garth Stocking
Karol O’Brien
Marty Hatten                          x
Chad Potter
Catherine Dobson
Saphia Gray
Mary Cary
Josh Hemberger                     x
Angie Lile
Teresa Bolton
Michelle Bailey
John Bozarth                           x
Patrick Allen

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