18 April 2013

Tower Homes Association Board Meeting

Thursday, 18 April 2013

7:00 PM

6814 Troost

Elizabeth Hollis presiding

Dumpster Day 28 April 8:00 AM to full (me 10 to 12)

Need membership lists from Waldo Homes Association as well as from us.

No appliances, TVs, paint, other hazardous materials


May Picnic – 4 May 2013; 2:00 – 5:00 PM Tower Park

Zoomobile – Need spot in shade with table

Band: Three Orange Pips will be there

Curb Appeal drawing at 3:30 PM

Alternates in case winner is not member – notify within a couple of weeks

Art and Crafts – Face painter

Have some kites if anyone wants to try

Sidewalk chalk and bubbles

Angie will call library about book table

Tables needed – various board members volunteered to bring tables

Big sign?

Robo call

Budget – we often spend around $1,000.

Food – Garth $400

Music – Patrick $200 to $300

Crafts – Angie $100

Face Painting (baloon animals?)

Zoomobile – Free


Bingham – Gave Walmart demands. Some cannot be responded to at this time. Another community meeting coming sometime soon.

Jeremy LaFavre, our state rep, on state bonding committee wants to buy out the bonds so that school could be bought and made into a community center.

2nd Friday City Council meeting with those who voted against airport idea – they thought there had not been enough information and discussion.



Thursday 2 May 1:00 – first council meeting to introduce Troost Community Improvement District sales tax (about 1% charged by businesses in the district. Pays for increased security, clean-up, etc.). It would be nice to fill the room to show support.


June – Police appreciation picnic. Planning meeting 26 April. Homes associations will be asked to provide dessert or whatever.


2nd annual independence day parade, Brookside, Saturday 29 June 2013 (the Saturday before the 4th of July).


Adjourned about 8:25 PM.


Board members in attendance

Elizabeth Hollins x

Kurtis Marinez

Jeff Highfill

Cassi Neff x

Charlotte McCloskey

Garth Stocking x

Karol O’Brien x

Marty Hatten

Chad Potter x

Catherine Dobson x

Saphia Gray x

Mary Cary

Josh Hemberger

Angie Lile x

Teresa Bolton

Michelle Bailey

John Bozarth x

Patrick Allen

Simon of Waldo Homes x

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