October 1, 2008

Tower Homes Association

Board Minutes from 10/01/08

Location: Library, Broadway Methodist Church, 7 p.m.

Present: Marty Hatten, Garth Stocking, Kathie Kerr, Larry Roth, John Bozarth, Jeff Highfill and Kurtis Marinez. KCMO councilwoman Jan Marcason was a guest.

  • Jan encouraged everyone to vote for the light rail initiatives, listing her reasoning, including that it will encourage more economic development. It is an $800 million investment, with $200 million investment of that coming from Kansas City.

  • Jan brought us great news. An acquaintance, Russ Welsh, is an attorney in Kansas City with Polsinelli Shalton Flanigan Suelthaus who is the grandson of George W. Humphrey who was essential in getting the water tower at Tower Park built. Welsh has offered to help THA get a 503C status AND to lead any fundraising efforts to get the Water Tower at the park evaluated and repaired and spruced up. Her efforts were much appreciated by the board. Welsh’s email is wrwelsh@polsinelli.com

  • In other action of the board, Angie Lile was chosen as a paid administrator (Extraordinaire ) , doing the work that was once done by HOAS. Angie turned in a detailed proposal in which she would be paid up to $8,075 yearly or $673 monthly. If the jobs go more quickly than estimated, she will adjust the estimate. Jeff Highfill made the motion to hire Angie and it was seconded by Marty Hatten. All approved. Angie will turn in detailed monthly summaries of work done and will create a manual for the job position, which will be useful in the future in case she retires and we have to hire someone else. The proposal she turned in is attached here.

  • Angie said that she intends to work on the Web site to make it more user-friendly and easier to read and navigate. She wants to create a section where people can sign up and pay online.

  • Angie’s fees does not include out-of-pocket for printing, postage, etc. Vendors that she has approached for proposals are included in another attachment. Angie likes Minuteman Press.

  • Garth said that he was still waiting on the database and transfer of funds from HOAS. They were due the end of September.

  • Jeff Highfill made a case for changing banks from UMB to one that is more responsive. He suggested Bank of America. He can also get a business debit card for Angie to use with out-of-pocket expenses because she will be unable to carry that herself each month. Jeff made a motion to change banks and Angie seconded. It was approved by all.

  • Jeff says the CD has a balance of about $14,000 and that the signature cards are now updated with himself, Garth and Betsy’s name. It renews in July 09 and Jeff will look into renewal options/rates.

  • Discussion about insurance: Once THA had a blanket “crime policy” that ensured the group up to $10,000 in fraudulent actions by officers with access to the money. The board wanted Jeff to investigate renewing that (the old policy underwriter is no longer in business). The board also wanted Jeff to look into finding a liability policy for officers and directors. Also, Kurtis is applying for a grant from a tourism board for THA and that the grant requirements require some kind of liability event policy (?). Kurtis and Marty were going to investigate this further by calling Southtown Business Council for advice.

  • Discussion about disruptions in Tower Park: There was much discussion concerning the homeless/vagrants who have “taken over” the big shelter at Tower Park.  While they sometime bother no one, one local resident and coach of his daughter’s soccer team said the girls’ team had to physically move to another park because of the catcalls and harassment of the vagrants toward the girls.  He made a heartfelt plea for help to take back our neighborhood park.  There have also been increased reports of drug exchanges in the park.  John Bozarth is taking the issue up with the police and at the next CPAP meeting, but few of us believed police patrols are the answer because this is so low on their priority list. Larry Roth opined that the people in question at the park were not homeless, but drunks looking for some place to hang out together. Discussion to be continued.

  • Garth suggested quarterly meetings and newsletters to coordinate. He wants the board to think about this and renew our conversation at the next board meeting.

  • The next general meeting for THA is Nov. 1 at the library. Marty will check on booking future rooms at the library.

  • The board would like to come up with a way to contact new homeowners in the area. Larry gave the name of a realtor to Angie who used to help. Kathie mentioned two Web sites: zillow.com and http://www.jacksongov.org/content/3271/3635/3639.aspx.

  • Library landscaping was brought up but no special action outlined, except Marty was going to check with the director to see about the Eagle Scout’s proposal for a rain garden.

  • In the last business item, Garth brought up curb repairs and how desperately the neighborhood needed that. Will be discussed at a later date.

  • The meeting was adjourned about 9:15 p.m.

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